Is your mother a homemaker? It’s sick but there are still people who think housewives don’t have a real job. Try doing their job for a week and you’ll know what’s the truth.

My mother is a homemaker. She was worked endlessly for decades. Even now, when I’m working from home, busy with my workload, she ensures I’m being fed right, my clothes are clean, my dogs get their food on time and the house looks amazing. She does everything, even follows up on the endless things I need her to remind me of – sometimes, even brushing my teeth. All of it unless  she gets sick.

Your Mother Needs A Day Off - Every Week!

On her sick days, I suddenly have no choice but to take up her household responsibilities. I’m not as good as she is at this but I think I do fine. I manage both my work and the household chores up until she’s feeling better again.

That’s where the role of the compassionate and nice daughter ends. I get to my work and my mother gets to her work… waiting for the next day she gets sick and has an off.

Whereas look at all the professionals working 9 to 5  jobs, look at us. We work from Monday to Friday and if we have to work on the weekends, it’s the worst thing. We despise working on the weekends. We need our rest. We need our break. We need to refreshen up. No?

What about our mothers? Why is it that we almost never think that she might need a break too? She may want a weekend off too. If not every weekend, then maybe once a month. But, why not every weekend… like us?

Today, when I was wrapping up my day and putting my thoughts in my journal, it just occurred to me that I was being a terrible daughter. I could do much better… there are many who don’t even live with their parents due to their work obligations and here I am… living with my parents, and never giving back.

I am feeling horrible today as I have to work on the coming Saturday but I would probably never give it a second thought that my mother works every Saturday… she has been, since decades.

Honestly, I feel sick. I see myself being the kind of daughter who realises at some level that I’m what my mother made me… my education, my personality (which by the way I’m proud of and is the reason why I even have my own identity), my overall self development – all of it is because of my mother; who even after living a very middle class life ensured I got whatever I needed but… I take it all for granted. I never think of giving back… even if I do, it’s just a thought. Where’s the real action?

Why am I writing this? To capture this thought, frame it, and make sure I remember it. My mother needs a day off… every week!

I’m going to make sure I give it to her from now onwards. What about you?

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