As a writer or a blogger, you may find yourself in a number of different sad situations where you just don’t feel like writing. You know you should be but there’s a weird block that doesn’t let you write. It maybe a random comment by a Facebook friend or maybe a remark by critic that starts bothering you so much that you can’t write. It may also be a result of your bad mood that’s making you not do what you love.

It happens to me EVERY SINGLE DAY. The random comments and remarks bother me way more than they do to anybody else. I think too much about whether people like my work or not. I obsess over the thought so much that I turn into an annoying pessimistic fellow. Then, any random argument even with a passerby is enough to trigger the sad state of mind where I don’t do ANY work.

How do I get over it? It truly harms me and also puts me at risk of losing my work, clients and self confidence. I know it has to go and today, I am listing down some ways you can MAKE IT GO. Know that I am still struggling but the following things always help.

No one wants to read long posts

  1. I write about how I feel

Maybe you don’t feel like writing that book you’re working on or the next blog post that needs to go live within an hour, but finding an excuse to not write down what you’re feeling is a little one that you can easily overpower. Get your personal diary or a piece of paper or any notepad document and start writing about your feelings. JUST TYPE.

Trust me! Once you have typed out everything in your mind, you will feel lighter. You will calm enough to move onto something else. It’s because when you write down everything, you have just poured out your heart and in the process, you have pondered over what’s truly wrong and how you can fix it. You won’t be able to fix anything right then but having shared it with somebody or something in the most true manner will make your head lighter and ready to focus on some other task.

2. Take a walk

break walking

I have done it sparingly not because it doesn’t work but because I am too lazy to get up from my bed. But if you’re blessed with a little more activeness, you can go out in the nature and just walk. While walking, you will initially think about the so many wrong things in your life but at the same time, you can easily focus on people around you.

It’s a great exercise for your mental health. Getting out of the little facade you create yourself in your home and noticing the real life around you makes a lot of difference. It can often inspire you to work even more. So, writing will come naturally to you.

3. Read

books to be read

All the great writers read. In fact, all the great people have one habit in common – reading. So, when you don’t feel like writing, just pick a book and read. I know, sometimes you don’t even feel like reading. What I do is watch Booktube videos on YouTube to get me inspired to read.

Let me explain why I want you to find inspiration to read but not write. When you’re sad and not in a right state of mind, you CANNOT write. You need to fix your mind and then work on your next draft. To fix your mind, you can resort to reading. It truly helps. Moreover, it’s easier to find inspiration to read rather than write.

4. Travel

zoomcar review

Give yourself a break and travel. Explore a different city or a place and just give yourself time to recover. Sometimes, we’re too harsh on ourselves. We push ourselves every day to do one thing or another and all along that time, we forget to actually LIVE and enjoy the life.

The result comes as an inexplicable feeling of not being able to do the very thing you love. At such a time, you need to TAKE A REAL BREAK and travel to a different place to refresh your mind.

These are my tips on what to do when you don’t feel like writing. That’s what I do and it truly works for me most of the times. I hope they will help you too.

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  1. Hello Manpreet! Hats of to you for this post. You have suggested the exact solution ,I was searching for such kind of inspiration . Thanks for sharing this valuable experience really so helpful. Keep this up

  2. Thanks for sharing the post. As a writer, it happens with me a lot of time that I can’t write for many days.

    Many times, writer’s block is the reason. I feel, dull, lazy and above all feel lack of motivation. Once, I didn’t upload my blog for whole two months and it affected my traffic.

    What I found is that Reading is the best way to fuel myself with the words before I start writing.

    Now, I’ve started updating my webaite too.. πŸ™‚

    Again, thanks for reminding me the points. I’ll look forward to read more articles on this website. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hello Nakul,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad to hear that reading more strategy worked for you. It almost always does. Good luck πŸ™‚


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