Have you been missing a cozy eat out in Delhi? Connaught place is an area where you can find some restaurants with excellent concepts that can satisfy your hunger for great food. But a lot of them miss on something or other. What I have been missing in this area is the coziness. I long for a place where you could sit for hours, have long conversations with your friends or loved ones and feel good. Apparently, I just don’t look for good food. I look for good ambiance.

wolfgang & company layout

As I happen to visit Wolfgang & Company, I find myself compelled to talk about it. This is a food review of a restaurant I feel cozy and worth trying out. Allow me to speak about the layout plan. It’s a relatively small place with two floors. As you enter, you see a great hall which feels very airy because of a huge window panel on the front. The stairs to the next floor, which is more sort of balcony, take you to the den where you can snuggle in a corner and enjoy food with excellent long conversations.

Food Review of Wolfgang & Company

The review has been divided into four sections –

  1. Cocktails
  2. Starters
  3. Main Course
  4. Desserts

Cocktails at Wolfgang & Company

  1. Chocolate Man

signature cocktails at Wolfgang & Company

This Irish-cream based signature cocktail in restaurant presented a perfect combination of chocolate and whiskey. The presentation was amazing as it was served in a skull-shaped vessel topped with torched marshmallows. The taste was very balanced, and none of the ingredients overpowered one another. It’s a must dry cocktail at this place.

2. Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini at Wolfgang & company

Although I forgot to ask what was the base of this signature cocktail from the menu, I guess it was Vodka. I found the taste very similar to Chocolate Man. It lacked that strong coffee flavor. I won’t recommend you to have both of them together, but if you pick either one, it’s good.

3. Long Island Iced Tea

Long island iced tea at wolfgang & company

It’s the traditional cocktail prepared by mixing five drinks – vodka, gin, rum, tequila and triple sec, then mixed with cola. It was okay.

2. Starters at Wolfgang & Company

  1. Wings Americano

wings americano at wolfgang and company, connaught place, delhi

The dish consists of fried chicken wings. The coating was spicy and crunchy, and it tasted good. On the downside, the chicken wings were too oily. So, if you don’t have a problem with oil dripping down your fingers while you relish this dish, it’s a good dish to try. It was served with a white sauce with a creamy texture that balanced the spiciness of the chicken wings with its subtle taste.

2. Classic Mutton Seekh

classic mutton seekh at wolfgang and company, delhi

I believe this is the yummiest mutton seekh kebab I have tried. The seekh kebabs were soft and cooked well. They weren’t too spicy and had that distinct mutton taste. The taste of mutton was subtle, not too strong which delighted me even more. The mint chutney served with seekh kebabs wasn’t spicy and went well with the entire dish. A must-try dish at Wolfgang & Company.

3. Skewered Prawns

skewered prawns at wolfgang & company, delhi

Prawns were served on the skewers, pretty evident from the picture above, and were marinated very well. I loved how the incredibly soft prawns retained their flavor. I liked how despite being soft, prawns didn’t melt in my mouth. I believe it was due to excellent cooking. Love the chef for this dish. Dip served with the prawns was delicious. You could eat the whole dip without even having the prawns. It was so bowl-licking. 😉

4. Vietnamese Basa

vietnamese basa fish in wolfgang & company, delhi

First of all, the dish was a visual wonder. Excuse my photography skills or the bad editor employed for this job (aka Manpreet) but the dish looked and tasted like AMAZING. The fish was tender as cotton candy and really juicy. It melts in your mouth the moment your tongue touches it. That sea-food flavor is there in the dish which makes it a must-try for sea-food lovers.

5. Chicken Shawarma

chicken shawarma at wolfgang and company

It’s a Lebanese wrap with a filling of chicken and green herbs salad. It was served two sauces with the dish, and I regret to say that, but both of them didn’t taste good, and didn’t go well with the wrap. The wrap itself very bland in taste. Maybe that’s the way it is cooked, but it was too foreign-ish for my Indian palate. Didn’t like these.

6. Chicken Nachos

chicken nachos at wolfgang and company, connaught place

Chicken nachos were superb. Topped with the chicken, sour cream, and cheese, I must point that the topping was in a very good quantity. It seems like wolves don’t like to act miserly when it comes to food. 😉 They were served with salsa and sour cream, both of which were an excellent combination with these chicken nachos.

7. Alfredo Pasta
Alfredo pasta at wolfgang & company, connaught place, delhiI asked for penne pasta cooked in creamy alfredo sauce. I asked them to cook it with both chicken and vegetables. The result was good with an incredibly creamy & cheesy pasta sauce blended with soft cooked chicken and crunchy vegetables. It was a well-cooked pasta, and I liked it.

8. Pork Pepperoni Pizza

pork pepporoni pizza at wolfgang and company

Now, a pork pepperoni pizza is something which I always order whenever I find it on the menu. This pizza, however, wasn’t one which I would die for. It was good with a crunchy yet soft crust. The cheese topping was wholesome, and pepperoni was just the usual. I didn’t like the presence of cherry tomatoes, and I just removed them while relishing my comfort food.

Main Course at Wolfgang & Company, Connaught Place

  1. Grilled fish with lemon caper sauce

Grilled fish with lemon caper sauce at wolfgang and company delhi

This is one of the best things on the menu. The fish was grilled to perfection. The marination hinted the excellence of a good chef. The mashed potatoes and vegetables were great. The mashed potatoes were soft, creamy, well-cooked and one of the best ones I have ever tried. The dish just melts in your mouth making you feel orgasmic. It’s a whole complete meal in itself and something you shouldn’t miss at this place.

2. Mutton Rara

mutton rara at wolfgang and company

Again a well-cooked and great dish if you’re a mutton lover. I loved the flavor which had a subtle hint of mutton. The gravy was spicy with strong flavors. I ordered for lachha parantha which was served soft and buttery.

Desserts at Wolfgang & Company

  1. Chocolate coconut Gateaux

chocolate coconut gateaux

This was a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce with coconut shreddings on top. The flavor of coconut went smoothly with the bitter-sweet taste of chocolate.

2. Tiramisu


It’s a classic Italian dish surprisingly served in a martini glass at this place. I am a fan of this dish and I feel it was a good dessert. The layers were proper and the coffee flavor was subtle.

3. Magic chocolate cake

Magic chocolate cake

Now, I tasted salted caramel for the first time, and it went so well with the chocolate. I LOVED this dish. It’s a must-try!

Final Ratings

Now, that I have explained about all the dishes I tried, all I can say is I want to go to this place again. It’s a great place to eat good food, sit and chat. The ambiance of the place compels you to spend more time there. The service was really good and the food… well, I think I have discussed that in detail. The woman who was serving was called Amen, not sure, but she made sure my experience with this place is amazing.

My Ratings: 4/5

Top 5 dishes to try at Wolfgang & Company

  1. Vietnamese Basa
  2. Grilled fish with lemon caper sauce
  3. Skewered Prawns
  4. Chocolate Man
  5. Magic Chocolate Cake

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