But you’re not a writer and you don’t want to be! I know, that’s what you’re thinking while reading the title. Many would silently agree with my point and want to see what I have to say. But many, like you, would think writing is just not their thing. Stay with me. I’ll tell you why it should be everybody’s thing and why you should write daily.

Whether you’re a teenager or an aged man, you need to write. What language? Doesn’t matter. What would you write? We’re just about to talk of that.

  1. Daily Journal For A Record of Your Life


What did you think on the last day of the year, every year? Didn’t you feel how quickly the year had passed? How the whole year went by just like that? Most of us feel like that every single year. Most of us also forget what we did in the entire year.

That’s why keeping a daily journal is so important. You will have an idea about how you’re spending your time and it’s a great tool to track your life. It also acts as a very good tool to introspect.

What do you get by doing all that? Well, try it for ten days and you’ll know. I never knew how I was spending my days until I started logging everything. I never knew how I was acting in certain situations until I had a record of everything I did. The ‘whys’ came naturally. I never knew what triggered my anger until I had details of every time I got angry. It helped me find the cause of so many things happening in my life. It felt like I was gaining the control of my life back. Don’t you want to be in control when it’s about your life? If yes, you have got it – this is why you should write daily.

2. A Tool To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

writing daily

I wouldn’t sit to write for I believed writing down my day, my failures, my misbehaviours and of course, some good things that didn’t seem enough at any moment, would make me more anxious. Writing down how terrible I was with work today would make me even more stressed about work. No? No.

Writing a journal actually helps you organise your thoughts. It also helps you to get everything out of your mind. I call it ‘brain dump’. You put everything out on a piece of paper and then, you think of what you want to do with it.

Trust me! It makes you feel so good and refreshing. You must try it. You must write daily about your life, thoughts and aspirations.

3. Organize Your Ideas

why you should write daily

Writing is also a brilliant way to organise your ideas – things you want to do with your own life and things you want to do for others. Most of the times, we get weird ideas in our heads and you never know which one can change your life for good. That’s why it’s crucial to not let those ideas go and get into the habit of writing them down daily.

If you’re into creative space where you need new ideas daily, for example, I definitely need to come up with new blog post ideas and video ideas all the time,l writing down new ideas, whenever they strike you, really helps.

4. Writing Helps You Be More Creative

why you should write daily journal

Yes, so far we have been talking about writing as a self improvement tool. But who said you can’t make a career out of it? You can totally let the horses of your imagination go wild and think of different stories, or maybe even write a novel. It’s entirely possible, only if you start.

So, listen! You must fall in love with writing. You should write daily. A journal to document your daily life, a journal to make you feel better and a journal to log your ideas. And maybe, a manuscript that you’re just about to start. Write.

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