It is all over the internet! I am trying to lose weight because I have gained so much that there isn’t a single piece of cloth that I can wear without feeling uncomfortable or without feeling like I am going to burst in a while. So, what’s the first rule that is created for a girl who wants to lose weight? DO NOT EAT CHOCOLATES.

why u should eat chocolates everyday

Looks like someone had a serious tiff with chocolates and created such a concept and ‘followers’ as the human race is destined to be, our ancestors followed it and the series continued. But then I really love chocolates. Who doesn’t? So, in order to eat chocolates while keeping the guilt at bay, I started looking for reasons why one should eat chocolates every day  (of course in moderate amounts) and this is what I got!

  1. Eating chocolates help prevent sunburn:

    Let’s talk about the most recent thing that is happening – Summer. And sunburns are one of the most dreadful things that can happen to any of us, especially when we’re having a secret affair with our skin. There are compounds in chocolates, the same ones that act as anti oxidants, which help to prevent sunburn. The compound is called flavonoid. The more the amount, the less the chances of sunburn or this is what the study conducted by a team of German researchers suggested.

  2. It makes you good at mathematics:

    Now that’s the most awesome thing I came across. Mathematics? I have always had a bad equation with maths and I so wish I had read this a few years back when I really needed help with mathematics. But I suppose, many of you might consider sitting for competitive exams in future and this is going to help you a lot with numbers.

  3. Chocolate reduces stress and makes you feel better:

    The valeric acid in chocolate is a tranquiliser and a relaxant. The sugar in chocolate is also responsible for reducing stress. So, now you have a good excuse for why you’re taking up extra calories. Also, the smell of chocolate boosts the pleasant feeling in humans making you feel calm. Also, if you really enjoy eating chocolates, your body releases endorphins (the same hormone that is released during sex) in the brain. This makes you feel even better. And seriously! I have always been wondering why I always feel like eating chocolates after having a fight with my friends or parents! Chocolates are like really yum stress buster pills.

  4. Chocolates boost concentration:

    Need a reason to gulp in chocolates during office hours? Need a reason to eat chocolates while studying? This one would work. If you eat chocolates around mid-afternoon, they will give you long lasting energy without raising the blood sugar levels. This means you can work longer without experiencing fatigue. Chocolates also have chromium that helps in controlling blood sugar.

    eat chocolates

  5. Chocolates don’t make you gain weight:

    It is a very common fact that is often ignored by normal people. Do you think eating a small bar of chocolate is going to make you fat? You never get fat if you burn the amount of calories you consume every day. You get fat when you take more calories in a day than you utilize. And just one small bar of chocolate isn’t going to affect much. What you eat during the entire day and what you do as a physical exercise is what matters more. But be careful! Chocolates do increase your appetite. Keep a tasty and healthy dish planned so that you don’t eat junk afterwards.

  6. It helps to get rid of pain during periods:

    this is for girls who really go through a lot of pain when they’re on their periods. And walking around, acting normal all day long when all you want to do is screaming because of pain isn’t easy. I haven’t read this anywhere but this is something me and my roommates have always depended upon. Eating chocolates help reduce that pain.

  7. The magic of dark chocolate:

    This is going to be long! There are so many benefits of dark chocolate although I don’t really prefer dark chocolates. Dark chocolate has a natural substance that can create a sense of euphoria. Dark chocolates also boost brain activity and reduce stress and are perfect for a caffeine kick (and I am imagining the scene in The Alvin and the Chipmunks where they just fly off after drinking coffee. That was so funny!). The antioxidants present in cocoa lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. They also prevent cholesterol and thus reduce risk of heart diseases. Also, the fat present in dark chocolates is healthier than the kind of fat in a hamburger or even whole milk.

So, ladies and gentlemen, now that you know how eating chocolates is good you should go on and shop for lot of chocolates. Eat them without feeling guilty. Just don’t overdo. So, I am gonna go and eat some chocolates while you can definitely put your email id in the top bar you see right now so that I can send you regular updates of the content I post on the blog. Tdaa!

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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    Wonderful post 🙂

    Yummy post I should say…lol…yes, who doesn’t love chocolates! But I didn’t know there were so many other benefits to eating one everyday! I guess those who have weight issues should watch out, as they surely cannot afford to eat one daily, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hey,
      Well I have weight issues but as the point about weight loss says, having one small bar of chocolate isn’t going to harm you much. Not exercising would.

  2. Hi Manpreet,

    I am not so good in mathematics so I guess I should start eating chocolates. Never knew chocolates can be so beneficial. I eat them occasionally and not too much because I don’t like sweets.

    Since the dark chocolates contain antioxidants that must be neutralizing the free radicals, thereby preventing free radicals to cause any damage.

    From where do you get those amazing and tempting pics of chocolates? 😛

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead. 🙂

    ~ Rohan Chaubey.

    • Hi Rohan,
      Even I had no idea about mathematics thing before.
      I get stock photos from pixabay. They have an amazing collection


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