My Choice – the word is creating a great buzz on the internet in past few days. A short film directed by Homi Adajania and starring Deepika Padukone and many other influential women has been created for supporting the cause of women empowerment. Vogue India took up this initiative to create this video/short film and the moment they released it, people went crazy over it. They loved the video!

And what was my response to such people – “You’re simply dumb”. This video being promoted with #VogueEmpower is another piece of work by people who just don’t understand what feminism is. In fact, they are so busy and stupid people that they can’t even get their hands on the dictionary to clear their facts.

Before you go on and think that my views are completely biased and baseless, let me clear that I didn’t completely hate the video. Some concepts talked of in the video are the ones I totally support for example, having the freedom to choose what you wear and whom you love or marry.

Having sex outside a marriage? I ask to all the women what if your husband or boyfriend says the same! Would you bear to see him sleeping with other women while he is with you? Would you bear if he has two children from his extra marital affair? Just give it a thought and I bet your answer would be a big No. In fact, you would go on begging for the sympathy of a judge in a court to ask for ‘justice’ because you were cheated on. Won’t you? Then how come you think that it is your ‘choice’ to have sex outside marriage or not? Obviously it is your ‘choice’ but how does this adds up to women empowerment? It is in fact telling women that it is okay if she does anything wrong. Men can be the only culprits in India.

“Your sins, my virtues” These are another piece of words written and spoken by someone who just doesn’t understand feminism. Oh yeah! Everything a woman does is a virtue and everything a man does is a sin. Really? Go check in your local court and see how many women have falsely accused people of rape to make some extra bucks or just take a revenge from a person who also said that “it is my choice to love you or not”.

I disgust at the fact that how women in this country take it granted to accuse men of anything and everything that is wrong with them. It is also a pity to watch 17 year olds hailing curses at guys who don’t offer them seats while travelling in buses. Why? Because most of the women in our country have been made to think that being a woman make them entitled to command extra respect and attention and videos like “my choice” just adds the fuel to such thoughts. If you have such thoughts, enjoy them. But then don’t go and pretend to be a feminist. Feminism means advocating for equal rights for women. But in India, feminism has a whole different meaning. It means a movement to try and overpower men. Hypocrites!

Since the video is on Youtube, it is available to all age groups. Let’s say a 13 year old girl watches this video. What kind of impression would this leave on her? Won’t she be left thinking that she can do anything she wants? Who is responsible for any mishappening that this video leads to? Would Vogue India, Deepika Padukone or people who supported this video take responsibility of the values they’re preaching? Not being loyal, considering oneself an epitome of virtues, come home or not come home – is this what you would want your girl child to do? Come on, be sensible!

Let’s see who was behind this video. Though there are many influential women who are a part of this video but the one who grabbed the most attention is the very famous bollywood actress – Deepika Padukone. Yes, she is the same actor who lashed out at a leading newspaper for talking about her cleavage. Now if you had given the time to research on that issue, you would have seen how the issue (the write-up was posted months before) was raised by the actress just before her new movie release. And don’t say that you don’t know how actors pull up different publicity stunts just before their new releases! So, how was everyone in India sure that this wasn’t a publicity stunt?

If it is such a pathetic video then why many people are supporting it? The video has many of the influential women from the country and it focuses on the words ‘my choice’ thereby boosting the arrogance and self obsession of the already proud people of India. You tell me, did you even pay attention to all that was said in the video before sharing it?

And this is why I hated that many people supported this video and liked it to show how they believe in feminism. That’s illiteracy! Leave the serious talks! If they had actually paid attention to the words of the video, no one would have supported it.

How much do you think women empowerment would make a difference in our society if the movement is being carried forward by hypocrites and illiterates? How do you think women would be empowered if you’re teaching them that anything that they do is right because they’re women?

Well this is exactly the message I got from this Vogue Empower “My Choice” video. And yes, I would again say that if you supported this video while calling it the next awesome piece that supports women empowerment, you’re dumb for you are supporting this ridiculously pathetic video.

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  1. I loved the video and support it from my heart… If that makes me dumb then I am proud to be dumb…

    Nowhere in the video, she justified sex outside marriage. People are making it up and you too went along the way… She simply said that it is her choice whatever she wants to do and not somebody’s privilege. Just because she used some bold expressions it doesn’t mean she is advising everyone to have sex outside of marriage.

    • Hey Rajeesh,
      Well if it is about people making it up, I figured out that many people felt the same once I started looking after posting this article.
      And I never expected you to be a part of the dumb crowd as I have seen you talking great stuff about women empowerment. But if you emphasize that video is just a bold way of expression, why don’t you respond to the points I have mentioned in the post that make me call everyone who supported the video ‘dumb’?

      • All your points are ridiculously stated. There’s no base to validate your points. The first thing that you mentioned was “Sex Outside Marriage”. Did she say or advice to go for Sex Outside Marriage? And did she mention only Sex Outside Marriage? Why no emphasize on No Sex At All? This proves how narrow minded society we live in. Why are we scared to broaden our mind and look outside the well too…

        She is not advocating Sex Outside Marriage or advising others to do it. Your second point is the lamest I ever heard. I don’t know from where you got the idea that she is saying that whatever a women does is her virtue and whatever a man does is a sin. I am a man but didn’t get that feeling. A women while she is in her periods if enters a temple, its a sin. A woman who hangs around with a man other than her husband, father or brother is considered a sin. A woman wearing bikini or other revealing clothes is a sinner according to our society or culture. Why can’t she be talking about those sins as virtues. Again, try to broaden your mind.

        Lastly, your post says that women blame whatever happens to them on men. The video said nothing against men as far as my observation goes. And then, you also mention publicity stunts. Why does anybody have a problem with that? Isn’t your post too using the video for publicity of your blog?

        When it isn’t wrong for you then why anything that a celeb becomes wrong instantly. They are humans too before celebs. For me, whether it is done for publicity or not, if it is for a right cause, I would support it. I don’t care if people call me feminist or dumb… I stick on to my thinking and always keep my mind open…

        • The basic purpose of video is women empowerment and through this video that have tried to inspire women. So the very purpose of the video is ‘asking women to follow them’. So did she ask someone to go have sex outside marriage? YES She clearly stated that if women have sex outside marriage, it is perfectly fine. I don’t want to get personal but think if the woman in your life is ‘inspired’ to consider this. I wonder what would be your reaction
          Why no emphasize on no sex at all? Because that is not hurting anyone. Having sex outside marriage is hurting the person you say you ‘love’ and promised to be loyal with.
          As far as broadening of mind, you need to broaden your mind to understand the point of this article. If the sole finger has been raised at me (Manpreet), the whole website is a proof of how broad minded I am, but yeah! You need to be broad minded enough to see that!
          Well, read carefully and before that I am going to thank to prove my point through your words. I said that, many wouldn’t have listened to the words in the video carefully and congratulations! You’re among them . 🙂
          All your points about what Indians pretend as sin are right. But when did she talk of such points in the video? The video is solely about showing the arrogance for you’re gifted to be a WOMAN (who is the mother of mankind).
          Did I say it is against men? Or maybe I should have clearly stated that video is against the whole human kind. IT is against the mother who tells her daughter to be careful of strangers. ITtis against the father who asks her daughter about her whereabouts. It is against the brother who gets worried when he doesn’t see his sister reaching home on time. It is against the loyal husband who expects loyalty as the only price for dedicating his whole to his family.
          Well, considering you as a regular reader, you would know how I hate people following others in a dumb manner and proving them to be the part of sheep flock. More than publicity, I would get hatred of dumb people – coz they’re plenty in this country and I don’t need the proof for that. Do I?
          And about celebs, if you’re supporting Deepika, go and read what she has been doing in past 2 years and then come back and talk. Be sensible!

          • Are we both talking about different videos here? Because the video I saw, she never mentioned that it is fine for women to have sex outside a marriage. All she said was that it is her choice whether to have or not have sex outside a marriage. It simply means that the society or anybody for that matter has no right to put regulation on her…

            My girl friend won’t get inspired like this. She respects her idols but has her own identity and brain to decide what’s right or wrong. Even if she does then she will be inspired to follow her choices not adultery. The video is about “My Choice” not adultery to be precise. So, please shift your focus on the real agenda instead of the sex stuff…

            This is the excerpt from your post “I disgust at the fact that how women in this country take it granted to accuse men of anything and everything that is wrong with them.”

            You are blaming women in this country who accuse men for everything that is wrong with them. I am a man and I have many female friends but nobody yet came to me and accused me. Just because of few examples, you can’t blame it on all women. Like I always say, think beyond gender.

            And then you talk about father, brother and loyal husband. Did she say that it is her choice to not to inform her father, brother or loyal husband about her whereabouts? I am not sure how you are making all this up…

            All she said was not to judge her if she comes home at 6 am in the morning or 6 pm in the evening…

            If you could read my post about the video at and try watching it again to clear your mind and understand the correct message the video is trying to convey.

    • People like you have a choice to love all the feminist choices they choose…others have a choice to dislike people glorifying sex outside marriage…you have a choice to celebrate your wife carrying others baby…backward people like many of us have a choice to feel bad or divorce in such cases…you chose to be modern…we chose to be backward and dislike adultery…clebrate your choices…do not abuse our choices..and interpretation of your choices

      • Seems like Raj Ashok already has the experience that he is so coolly narrating my reactions towards it or trying to know what I would do… My heartily condolences mate…

        But you can’t peek into my personal life not that easily… Try again next time…

    • My earlier comment was modest but after reading this guy called Rajeesh Nair…i have no choice left but doubt his facullty choices….trubly a dumb fellow…will he be happy if his wife decides to excercise her choice and have sex outside…excercise choice of not carrying his baby but others..after all her choice…or in his case he wont allow her wife to be ’empowered’ ?

      • I think you’re a moron Raj Ashok that you can’t really understand English and judging my academic skills. Don’t try to shine unnecessary and call name when I am not even discussing with you. You have no fucking right to even talk about my personal matters. It will between me and my wife… Because of the people like you this video was utmost necessary who always peek into others life unnecessarily.

        Go and learn basic English first and understand what the video is all about and then come for debates.

  2. Thanks Manpreet, for being so logical and balanced. Men have NoChoice in India and now few influential women wants to have MyChoice as if till now they were living life of others. Hypocrisy at it best.

  3. When you say someone… It’s my life.. I live or kill myself, it’s my choice.
    You certainly don’t mean to kill yourself. You just want to tell them that they have pushed you beyond your tolerance limit.

    Some time an angered reaction is required to give away the message.

  4. Well, I liked the video. Makes me dumb ? then fine. I agree that the sex outside marriage is a controversial line but it really is her choice. Its not right ethically. But she could do it and there will be consequences no there SHOULD be consequences. but again, there are things in your article that are completely wrong. Based on one single video are you really blaming the feminism moment in INDIA ? just because there is a video on the internet where some one slaps some one or a few cases where women use the rape law for their benefit are u suggesting that all the others are doing the same ? Your were born in a middle class house hold im sure and things were different for you. I had my driver marry of a 14 YO girl a few months back. Nothing I could say or do made him change his mind. Let me tell u some thing U and ME and MOST people reading this articles are the minority in this country. We are the 10% do you even think of the other 90%. Stop fucking blaming the feminist moment in the country for the sake of hits on your article.

    • LOL You really thought I would give one statement based on one single video? Of course, you can because probably you think like that. The ‘minority’ I belong to, we never give ‘statements’ based on a video.
      Would you please tell me where did you get your stats from? Middle class people make 10% of the entire population of the country?
      You could not stop your driver marrying a 14 yr girl, it is YOUR PROBLEM. You might get offended but you’re a pathetic person who let that happen in front of his/her eyes. The class I belong to, I wouldn’t have let that happen even if that drive was the a big minister’s son or whatever.
      And I wonder a person like you who could not gather enough courage to save the life of a minor still has the guts to speak on a subject like this. You don’t deserve that. I hope you enjoyed the ladoos at the marriage.

  5. Rajesh bhai, I’m asking you a real Question please don’t get offended, would you Torrent or justify if your mom or sis do sex outside marriage? Please I know it Bruning question and surely I don’t have to Offend you but please, will you happy when your Mom will say that it’s my choice, whom I make love with? Or your say that your black I wanna make love with white person simply because it’s my choice?

    • Anand bhai, if they do its none of your business and none of my business either. The same applies for your mother and sister too if they have sex outside marriage. Please don’t go out and kill them in the name of honor. And yeah, don’t feel offended buddy!!! We have no control over the scenarios…

  6. Lol. If you are trying to win people over, I don’t think calling them dumb would be the best way for that. Why don’t you show these idiots, what the consequences/responsibilities of each of these stupid choices are? That way they wouldn’t be thaaaat stupid anymore either?

    People are proudly claiming that sex outside marriage means – pre-marital sex and sex after a marriage ends. Remember – these are the same idiots who got the government to pass laws like “Rape on pretext of marriage”, where consensual sex is treated as rape, if the “guy fails to keep his promise of marriage”. 40-70% of the rape cases in cities are just that. (So they aren’t even “fake rape” cases technically) Even adultery is a punishable offense for only a man in India. Something along the lines of “stealing the affection of a married woman”. And really, we are a country where more people have access to cellphones than even basic sanitation. So glamorizing premarital sex without even the talk about STDs, babies? Sheer stupidity, if not anything.

    Having a baby “my choice”, while no mention of whose responsibility it is to pay for it?

    And really, if this is sexist, so be it. Women really are so stupid to talk so much about what people wear, without ever even considering things like how the weather is. Want to wear skimpy clothes to a dinner? Be my guest. But don’t start complaining how cold you feel. Want to dress like an out of place buffoon when you go out? Feel free. But don’t complain about how mere stares are oppressing strong empowered women. But these dodos already had another youtube video up for that didn’t they? (That Dekh le one)

    And about how whether to work or not being “their choice”. Work is a responsibility ffs. Family is supposed to be division of labour. Those women in villages “don’t work” not because of “their choice”. It is because they spend as much time as their husbands for cooking without fridges/grinders etc.., cleaning without washing machines, vaccuum cleaners etc… living without even proper electricity. And if after that they have any energy, they still help out the husband in the farms. That is sharing of responsibility. Unlike the college graduated dodos sitting in front of the TV all day long while a maid does their housework, and the husband slogs 10 hours/day, just to keep the $$$ flowing. Guess who is the equivalent of leech in divorce courts/laws here?

    All these xyzisms are nothing but fancy labels to show off one’s “holier than thou” attitude. Equal rights? The constitution already guarantees them. Hell, the law even tilts so much in favour of the women that it is only men who get all the responsibilities. To maintain the wife, parents, children, be accused AND presumed guilty in the “women friendly laws”, give up a job he is eligible for because of the quotas.

    Want to like and share stupid videos which talk about “our choices” as “my choices”, as it is “your choice”? Just don’t complaint about how the next guy who wants to ask you out now has a valid excuse to not do so.

    I couldn’t watch the full video because my masochistic side wore off. So feel free correct me if i am wrong.

    • I feel this would have proved my point in a better way. And I agree calling people ‘dumb’ isn’t a good way. In fact, I hated doing it but that’s the only ‘civilized’ way in which I could tell what I or any sensible person would have felt for those supporters.
      If they had just wanted to make this video, it was seriously their choice. (No sarcasm intended) but relating this video to women empowerment is like give a tight blow to the whole cause. Sometimes it makes me feel shameful that we cannot help such people think in a clear and logical way.

      • Heh. Whenever people use phrases like women empowerment, i really think of that Rahul Gandhi’s interview. People throw around that phrase so much these days, without even asking empowerment to do what? Btw. well being dumb is a bad thing, only if you are willing to do nothing about it.

        If it is about educating illiterate girls in the villages of India, without even internet access, yeah right. Sharing posts on facebook glamorizing sex outside marriage, wearing skimpy dresses in a harsh environment/sex seggregated society, is certainly empowering the hell out of all them.

        Whiny entitled princesses demanding how everything has to be her choice, but his responsibility and he is to blame. That’s really all I see when someone pushes these -isms here.

        On a different note, I would really like to see someone make another video or even annotate/subtitle this same video showing the consequences of each of these stupid “Choices”. Especially exposing their hypocrisy.

    • Hey can you please mention the title of the post? I am unable to find it. Your latest post is a poem Flirting with Sleep

  7. I agree with this statement ! If some one is supporting the video of Deepika.I guess they would be more conservative about self choice’s which doesn’t mean women empowerment.When you talk about women empowerment it should have been focusing into the issues women are facing today, poverty,prostitution,rape etc…The video should be about making life better for women. Deepika has successfully focused certain dump cinematic stunt’s.If whatever she mention’s is called ‘Women Empowerment’.It naturally mean’s we are destroying certain thing’s called Love,Loyalty,Self Trust,Trust in relationship….

    • I totally agree with you Mukesh. And thanks for pointing out things I missed. The video could have been better if it had focused on the real issues. The mere purpose it is serving is to try and destroy things like love, loyalty, respect for others etc. This is definitely not women empowerment.
      Of course it can be seen that the video has some good points but the person who wrote the script went on a really wrong ways at some instances which has just destroyed the soul of the video.

      • I really appreciate you for this article…….I wish celebrities like Deepika be more responsible and fight for what it really means to be “women empowerment”…..

  8. @Rajeesh Nair .. if liking the video doesn’t prove that your dumb.. your comments proves that your are dumb 😀

  9. Let me clear u one thing ,whatever now I am going to write, neither i belive in it nor i expect from a women, but those women who belive in “My choice” explained by deepika vidio, they must consider it

    1.U r free to roam naked, i am free to look at anything ,Its my choice .

    2. I can look at breast, butts, or i can scan in between legs, Its my body , my eyes , My choice .

    3.U r free to go any where , me too, don’t say I am following u , its my body , my legs, My choice .

    4 I am free to sing , cry , whistle or whatever i want to say , i can say, don’t say I molested u. Its my toungue, My choice.

    5 Don’t cry for rape , if boy dumps his GF , its his body His choice .

    6 Don’t cry if husband sleeps with his secratary , Its his body his choice .

    7.Don’t ask for maintainence or alimogny , if ur husband kick u out from the house, even without a reason . Its his house his Choice .

    8.Don’t expect a seat in bus or train from me, even the bus is fully packed,Its my body my choice .

    9.Don’t call me shameless, if i don’t provide u protective shield , if some body hurts u, Its My body ,My choice .

    10.Don’t feel bad if husband spend salary in beer bar rather than in house, Its his salary his choice .

    11. Don’t feel cheated when husband brings a prostitute in the house, its his money , His choice .

  10. A big salute to you. You have hit the right spot. You really have spoken everything that was on my mind. It is exactly what I felt after I watched the My Choice video.

  11. The video seems to say that women have a choice of doing anything without being responsible for the consequences of their choices, yet hold the right to blame men when they do the same. If you want to be empowered, look at Saina Nehwal’s feats, that’s real empowerment not just for women but for men alike! Vogue doesn’t give a shit about gender equality. It’s just cashing in on the feminism high which India is riding on these days.

  12. the issue you have raised is quite genuine. Most of the laws are good for nothing, those who are supporting my choice for few things like, love any body (extra marital affair), sex outside marriage, wear what you want are the most dumbest in the world, because women usually do it to get attention from men, oops!!!!!!! again men are again evolved

  13. See the reactions to some of the comments….how easy it is for people to give speeches about #mychoice in sex outside marriage…..but a small inconvenient question even if it with ..if ( I repeat ..IF) people get angry…’backward’ people like me accept openly that ..It will bother me if this happens in my personal life hence i say the same outside…..but ’empowered’ modern people are modern enough to advocate the same outside ..but against the same choice ..when it comes to personal life….who is fake ..

  14. Hello Manpreet,
    Thank for writing this article. People seem to have misunderstood the meaning of Women Empowerment or feminism. This video looks more like a shampoo advertisement. I support you.

    • Hey Prabhat,
      hahah It does look like that. But I was bothered more about what was the content of the video (voice) rather than what was being shown in the video. And yeah! Many indian women need a reality check before they go on protesting and fighting for cause of women empowerment or calling themselves feminists.

  15. So the author(a journalist/blogger whatever suits your fancy) is calling people “dumb” for having an opinion because it differs from her opinion? Have you ever heard the phrase “to each his own”?

    Its one thing to state your own opinion but its another to slate someone else’s. It is journalism 101. Just because you don’t agree with someone on something doesn’t mean they are dumb. They have a “choice” to like it or not. Even though I might agree with most of what your article says you calling people dumb renders your article biased and bitter and frankly seems more like rant rather then an article/blogpost.

    On the video itself I feel they tried to get the right idea out however the person who wrote it was clearly not the brightest of the bunch. India has a clear stigma against sex and the writers surely knew that but they go on to say “sex out of marriage in my choice” was shooting themselves in the foot. The moment I saw this video I knew the media and most of the people will focus only on the part with sex. Because its controversial. Its TRP. I agree with your point of it being ill-advised and distasteful. No one in their right mind supports that kind of thinking. Even the women in the video won’t agree with it i’m sure. However I do believe the point they were trying to put across was that it is a women’s choice to have sex with who she wants and when she wants just as much it is a man’s choice. Equal rights. That point has been misconstrued by people that they are advocating sex outside of marriage. She simply points out that no man/woman can force her to have or not to have sex at any given point of time. To have sex outside of marriage is a moral/ethical choice which again each person has their own. Some have it and some don’t. There are people who are wholly dedicated to their marriage and some who are devoid of such morals and ethics that they don’t. That has nothing to do with any particular man or women. That depends on each person and how they were brought up and taught. Teaching someone that sex is wholly your choice since it is your body is completely different from teaching someone basic ethics and morals. Morals and ethics are taught by parents, teachers, society and the general culture you are brought up in. And hence can be different for any two people depending on how those factors were for them. But having sex or not is a right. A non negotiable right of every person over their body. That is the point they are trying to make. What you and the media are saying is that it sends the wrong message which I agree with. Like I said, it could have been worded better. However that should not render the whole message they are trying to deliver useless and put aside to focus on a (non)controversy.

    We need to stop confusing rights with moral/ethics. They are two very different things. If a person is taught about their right over their body but also taught good morals/ethics he/she will undoubtedly make the right choices and at the same time stand up for their rights if they feel they are being forced/discriminated against. We in India believe not talking about it is the best course of action. And if someone does crucify them.

    The video does not taint the cause/meaning of feminism. The media and people trying to point fingers and stir controversy while ignoring the call for equal rights is what taints and demeans feminism. It gives the anti-feminists more ammunition and shows that women themselves are not on the same page when it comes to feminism, so how is the rest of the country supposed to understand it.

    • Hey Nikhil,
      Maybe you think different, but the title is appropriate according to me. If you can’t interpret the meaning of words you heard in a video, if you can’t understand what kind of impact those words would have on your life or society you care for, if you can’t understand if a ‘choice’ is harming you or benefiting you – what’s the word that would describe you in the most simple and understandable manner? DUMB
      I am not concerned with what other Indians think on sex but if it is about that ‘narrow minded thinking’, look for the previous articles on this blog. You would find me supporting pre marital sex and live in relationships. But the thing is some people are just not getting that having a sex partner of your choice is much different than cheating on someone to prove that you have a ‘choice’. Clearly, that is difficult to be understood by dumb people.
      Language is a rich source of expression and I am sure they could’ve found a better way to express that a women has a right to choose who she has sex with. But why didn’t they choose the right words? TRP. They got it when dumb people supported the video!!!
      What you statements about teachings ethics infer is that they were just expressing their thoughts. But, my friend, there was a purpose for that video that was put up in big bulletin boards while releasing this video – WOMEN EMPOWERMENT You can’t empower women by asking them to be arrogant, unethical and low in character. If you have read this blog post, you would have read the words where I told I loved some of the views presented in the video. I have been supporting those things since the time I understood their meanings and importance. But this video, as I said before, would do more harm than good.
      The video DOES taint the meaning. Show this to a girl below 18 and ask her what message she got! And I bet you won’t try to prove that you’re not… well! I think this proves my point.

  16. I am a feminist myself. I could not digest the idea of pseudo feminism propaganda. Have a look at the comment and you will see how this pseudo propaganda has won over the actual goal and has successfully alienated a huge part of the society. The movement is about equal rights but somehow it managed to portray itself as a movement to wear “Only’ short skirts. That is sad.

  17. Feminism is the right of women to have sex. Not right to do job or promotions. It is the right to have sex without guilt like men.

  18. Thanx Manpreet for writting such a rich article. I believe that each and every line of #MY CHOICE is wrong and can argue or debate with justified reasons.
    Many are saying that consensual sex outside marriage is justified. One simple question to those fellows that what about our Indian culture and values?
    Moreover, then consensual female foeticide should also be justified on the same grounds.
    Indian constitution was formed keeping in mind that social welfare is important than personal liberty and that’s why there are punishments for suicide attempt and preventive detention case.

    • Hello Raj,
      I don’t think each and every line of my choice is wrong. In fact, almost all the lines of the video are something people need to listen and accept except a few. If you say you can argue and justify how each line is wrong, I bet I can defeat you in every argument you present.
      I think you’re one of those moral police kinda person. “What about Indian culture and values?” Study Indian culture thoroughly and you would know how advanced our culture had been unless idiots were born who started fighting in the name of “Indian culuture and values”.
      Social welfare must not put the personal liberty in a cage. There are some points where personal choice is important like who we should marry, who we should love, what we should wear! And they will ALWAYS be important.

  19. The problem with the video is how it is being promoted. The moment they put this online, it was associated with women empowerment. Getting freedom of choice is one thing but doing whatever you feel like would result into a rampage. There are some rules in the society. Most of them are crap and all sensible people oppose it. But there are some rules which have been created for the benefit of human kind. The thing that one expects “loyalty” from ones partner seems like a ‘rule’ which many would want to oppose, but they’re for the benefit. People get frustrated even at traffic lights but still you would agree that they are for your safety only. Won’t you? The sex outside marriage thing is like not following traffic rules just because you don’t care about them. Would that be right? Would it be right to involve such a thing in a national movement that is much required in the country like India?
    About misinterpretation of pre-marital sex, well I cannot figure out where I even talked of that in this write-up.
    Notice ‘probably’. You can never know what inspires you. You’re always caught by surprise.
    I support freedom of expression. The people who made this video had their own views. I don’t support the views. Fine. What’s the problem then? Why associate it with WOMEN EMPOWERMENT? For promotion? What else can be the reason? If that’s so, the people who are supporting it as a women empowerment ‘thing’ are obviously dumb. I just stated the obvious!
    About the crew behind the video, that was a great marketing thing. They did it well. I would rather appreciate them instead of criticizing. You see? I just expressed my opinion for the people who are SUPPORTING this video and considering it like “Wow! This is going to help empower women of this country!” LOL

  20. I agree with almost everything you say. Although, I don’t think you know the right feminists. I think you should rephrase the parts where you say women in the country to many women in the country. 🙂 After all, generalizations are too passe!


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