“When You Read A GREAT BOOK, You Don’t Escape From Life .You Plunge Deeper Into It.”

Different people have different reading tastes and choices. But according to me, a book is good only when the book captivates your mind in such a way that you cannot get rid of it even when you’re far away from those pages made of wood. You keep thinking what’s next; until you actually flip the last page of the paperback.

murder on the orient express book cover

According to me, a book is the only way to time travel which humans have invented till now. Pick up one book and you can easily enter the world of that book. Not only, you travel through time but also you can visit worlds which are perfectly different from our world. And if one manages to enter the world of the book, the reading experience is always packed with pleasure and amazement.

Being an avid book reader, I chose another book named Murder On the Orient Express. The book is written by Agatha Christie and has been a bestseller since a long time. But this was not the thing which prompted me to read this book. Then what made me choose this book?

I am a die hard fan of vehicles and once I read the title I was like it has a train in it and being a mystery novel, it had to be amazing considering the plot which takes place on a moving thing – a train. I bought it that very second and it never disappointed me, not even for a second.

The Book shows an Internationally Acclaimed detective – Poirot, who happens to travel by orient express just by coincidence and how he becomes the investigator of a murder that takes place on the moving train and solves the case with utter brilliance

Plot of Murder On The Orient Express:

I’d begin with the catchy line on the cover of the book.

‘The Murderer is with us … on the train Now..’

An American billionaire is found dead in his compartment while the train is affected by a snow drift. Every passenger present in the compartment is a suspect. Detective M. Hercule Poirot has to test his wits to answer some questions that seem unanswerable and find the real culprit. This might seem an easy case to him considering his repute. But is everything what it seems like? Is each person exactly the same what he claims to be? Agatha Christie answers every single question that arises above in the voice of Poirot, who as his reputation in states is the best.

This Book is a perfect fictional mystery. A roller coaster ride with amazing facts turning out at every new juncture! The book is put up in such a way that it captivates the reader to think what he is reading and what he can expect next. You will turn each page in anticipation because the plot complicates with flipping of each page. It excuses the reader from all the other things around and makes him to concentrate just on the book.

I was not sure of what I’d get after reading this book. But now I know what I could have missed if I had not chosen this book. It was a work of dead brilliance and I have decided to read more similar works of the author.

These 347 Pages were extremely inviting since the very first page and I loved my experience with this book. I would certainly recommend this book Murder On The Orient Express to one and all who like to read and wants to read.

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  1. One of my friend recommend about the Agatha Christie as he said, she has the guinness world record and currently at the third place after Bible & William Shakespeare.
    I order it and Thank’s to flipkart as I got the delivery that to under 36 hours for free of cost.
    The character Belgian detective Hercule Poirot introduced by her is legend. Till the last moment you’ll enjoy it and wont feel it boring or lengthy.
    I’m now big fan for here and hence order 4 more books.

    • Hey Neha, thanks for this amazing comment. It would be like one of the most cherished comments on my blog for you genuinely read the review and then posted the comment. I so love such type of conversations. Keep coming back over here and happy reading 🙂


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