So, what are the best foods to eat in Amritsar?  Amritsar, ‘the Holy City’, is a land of myriad diversities. The city is synonymous with a rich and flourishing culture that attracts so many tourists from across the globe every year.


With a host of heritage and historical sites to explore, opportunities for interaction with the generous and warm-hearted locals, and the positivity that this city unleashes in abundance, it is no wonder that Amritsar is one of the top-ranked cities in this part of the world when it comes to travel destinations.

For your next sojourn to the beautiful land, we have put together a list of some evergreen eating joints in the city that serve the best foods to eat in Amritsar. Each one of them has a unique flavor on offer, and the richness of the food is bound to be a delight for every visitor. So here we go!

1. THE best foods to eat in Amritsar – Langar at Darbar Sahib

langar darbar sahib

First things first, a trip to Amritsar will be incomplete till the time you step into the Langar hall at the iconic Golden Temple. If you are thinking of the best foods to eat in Amritsar, this is one place you will love going to.

The steaming hot dal made in huge utensils, the flavorful vegetables with delightful aromas, and the warm chapattis with servings of ghee are sure to make your day. What makes this an even more pleasing affair is the love and devotion with which the Langar is made.

A plateful of deliciousness amidst positive vibes and chants of prayer, could this get any better?

2. Kesar Da Dhaba


If you want to savor delightful North Indian cuisine, then Kesar Da Dhaba is the place to be. Nestled in the vicinity of the town hall, this place has been a favorite with celebrities and the common people alike. Best foods to eat here? Well, if you ask us, you have to try their Dal Makhni.

Black lentils cooked with love and served with dollops of butter, and you are in for a great meal. And while you enjoy the taste of the dal with a parantha, do not forget to order a glass of lassi. If one talks of Amritsar done right, then a meal at Kesar Da Dhaba is just what the doctor ordered.

3. Beera Chicken Corner

beera chicken corner

Talk of the best foods to eat in Amritsar, and how can non-vegetarian fare be far behind? So if Kesar Da Dhaba is a vegetarian’s delight, look no farther than Beera Chicken Corner if you are someone who loves to gorge on non-vegetarian cuisine.

Enjoy the evergreen Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken with amazing Keema naans. They also have mutton options on offer. Head to Majitha Road near White Avenue if mouth-watering non-vegetarian food is what you are looking for.

4. Mame Da Dhaba

mame da dhaba

Before this sounds like the name of another Dhaba in the city, let us tell you that this is one place a non-vegetarian lover would definitely like to visit once in a lifetime. We got you thinking? You have to eat it to believe it. This place is famous for a dish called ‘Bheja Fry’. The owner of the place prepares and works on the dish by himself. The succulent mutton bits will simply melt in your mouth and leave you asking for more. Where to go? You will find this joint in Pratap Nagar.

For those who have the sweet tooth, Amritsar is a wonderful place to be in. You can enjoy crispy hot jalebis at any of the sweet shops in the city. The taste of sweetness combined with pure ghee is a bliss. You can also consider yourself lucky if you happen to visit the city in the winter months. A serving of gajar ka halwa will delight you beyond measure.

Amritsar is also famous for knick-knacks such as vadiyan (an ingredient used in a North Indian curry made with potatoes), varieties of aam papad (bars of sweet and sour mango, dried and flavored to perfection), and so on. You can find these in the many small shops and establishments in the vicinity of the Golden Temple.

So the next time you are looking for the best foods to eat in Amritsar, we have already got you sorted. These culinary experiences are bound to make your trip a memorable one. Happy traveling and happy eating!

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