What’s the most common thing a child experiences? What’s the toughest situation you have been through in your entire life? What’s the worst part of being at home with your parents?

when your parents fight

For me, that situation is when my parents fight. Both of them have so solid arguments that even the best advocate in the country would get into a complex after listening to their arguments. There is so much of noise that even the ears that are accustomed to such loud noise feel strained. And that’s when you try to find out the answer to this question: What to do when your parents fight?

  1. Intervene: This might not seem like a right thing to do for a young child, but still try it once! Step in between the argument and ask them why are they even fighting? Most of the times couples don’t really remember why they started fighting at the first place and if you are a person in your 20s, there are high chances that your parents won’t have any solid reason to fight. Keep them asking questions about their arguments until they themselves give up. And read point 4 very carefully.
  2. Go for emotional blackmailing: “I miss you so much and whenever I come back home, you start fighting like this. I don’t like this (*Sobbing*).” This really works. In fact, this is my all time favourite trick to make them stop fighting. Your parents always love you more than themselves and due to this reason; they would be ready to give up on those silly arguments.
  3. Never try to resolve the issue: Now, if you have read the above two points, you must read this one carefully. Don’t ever try to be a judge and find out who was at fault. This might turn out to be a disastrous step for you. It is always better to be a moderator than a judge. Be neutral.
  4. Tell them it is affecting you: If you are unhappy about them fighting all the time, just tell them. Don’t do this while the heated argument is taking place. Let it end and then make them sit in front of you and pour your heart out about how you feel when your parents fight. Most of the times, this would act like magic and make them realize that they shouldn’t be doing it, at least not in front of you.
  5. Don’t let them affect you: Just because you witnessed your parents fighting right now doesn’t give you an excuse to start a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend. They have been together for a long time and fighting is very normal to them. Don’t let yourself get affected by these things so much that you ruin your relationships with your friends, better half or even your parents.

Such situations are very common in most of the families but seldom people know what to do about them. Even the grown-ups find it difficult to handle such situations. Moreover, this aggravates their already tensed state of mind. So, it is always better to look for solutions.

I hope these 5 points helped you out in some way. If yes, do share this so that others can get benefitted from this article as well.

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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    A well written article for those (almost all) whose parents always engage in (enjoy) quarreling. It’s a socially recognized sports widely practiced all over the world. Sorry, I’m just kidding 🙂

    You should consider publishing a YouTube video here; because lots of people (children as well as their parents) frequently search for solution to this problem on YouTube.

    • Hello Akash,
      LOL. that was a good comment.
      And do you think it would be good idea to use the same script to create a video?
      I will be waiting for your response. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

      • Ya, you should use the exactly same script for your video.

        But, as you know there is a big difference between spoken English and written English; you should break-down long sentences into shorter ones. And probably… sprinkling some commonly used words by people (here and there) to make the video look natural. Make a short & sweet video in your STYLE.

        I think it’s my stupidity to tell you – How to make a great video. I know you are master at it 🙂

  2. Manpreet, You’ve touched a very sensitive issue and explained it so well. More than children, it’s parents who need to understand that their quarreling in front of children is too bad an influence since there could be so many issues for which they are not in agreement.

    • You are right Fayaz. More than children, parents need to be taught and told what kind of issues do their children face because of their silly acts.

  3. My parents, they still fight 🙁 If there is no world war, there is still some cold war. I am not able to do anything as you mentioned. They just stop when they get tired and ultimately feel sleepy. 😀

    • Anurag, you must know that every Indian household is more or less the same. And I think if this is really bothering you, do try it!


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