Engineering is the favourite word of most of the parents in India. Their kids are currently in school and all they want for them is a B.Tech. degree, a job in a multi national company and viola! Their future is all set.

That seldom happens. Those dreams of fancy high-paying jobs almost never come true. Those dreams of becoming an engineer… well, that also stays a dream even after you get that degree. There’s something very wrong with engineering courses in India. And today, I attempt to discuss what.

However, discussing just problems won’t get us anywhere. Would it? So, I have also proposed some solutions, that need your effort rather than some education board’s, which, well, we all know, is never going to pay attention to this.

Biggest problems With Engineering Courses in India

engineering courses in india

  1. Expenditure

Let’s think of your parents first. How much do they have to spend on that one degree? They pay for your coaching for entrance exams, then they pay for your degree. If you’re bright and you managed to get into a top college like an IIT or a top government college, you did your parents a huge favour.

But what if you didn’t? Keep in mind that your investment is way too much and don’t act like that foolish pathetic person who, in the middle of the course, would come to my other posts and say how you don’t enjoy it anymore and you want to do something else. Either don’t start doing it, rebel or maybe even run away from your house until your parents understand or just finish what you started, properly.

2. Outdated Concepts

Now that you’re in the engineering college, this would be the surprise for you. Most of the concepts taught in engineering courses in India are completely outdated. I have seen a fair share of stupid kids calling some of the most important basics ‘outdated’. Learn to differentiate or learn to keep your mouth shut.

It’s true that there will be many totally outdated concepts but if they’re a part of your curriculum, you have to study them. Didn’t you read history in school? The whole subject is about outdated things. Can’t you read a few more outdated things to pass those exams?

3. Lack of Practical Education

Every engineering student is to be blamed equally for this. Yes, your teachers aren’t focusing on practicals. Yes, your college doesn’t have full resources.

But you? You’re a person who was probably never taught to make use of whatever best he has and make the most out of it.

Nobody likes to teach a kid who doesn’t take an initiative. So, express your desire to learn. Shadow your teachers. Ask them questions. Never miss a practical session. And if all this fails, remember that you always have internet. It can teach you whatever you want. So, stop all those excuses right away.

4. Too many people doing the same thing

Lakhs of students go for engineering courses in India. They compete with lakhs of people right from the beginning. That’s the problem.

Everybody wants the same job. Everybody wants to do computer science engineering as that gets you most seemingly fancy jobs. This is why you’re not going to make it.

Stop being a part of the rat race. Make your own decisions, uninfluenced by trends and peers. Think what you want, what specialisation you want and do that.

5. No job guarantee

Even when many campuses offer placement guarantees, it’s really up to you. You may not get a job after B.Tech. Or worse, you will get a job you don’t want. Colleges just run behind numbers. They don’t care what you want. They just need their records good. So, no. There’s no job guarantee even if your campus promises that.

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But what will you do then? How to be a good engineer? How to make the most out of this situation?

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  1. Self Education

Be a grown up. Don’t rely on your teachers to teach you. Get your education in your own hands and teach yourself. Ask people. Make friends with intelligent kids. Use internet.

2. Focus on practice

Find a way to do the practicals. Oh yes! You have thirteen reasons why you can’t do that practical experiment but I need you to find one way to do it. Be an engineer! Find a way.

3. Acquire job worthy skills from day 1

Are you focusing on landing a job after you finish your course? Prepare from day 1 of year 1 of your course. Make a note of things that you need to improve to get a job after B.Tech and then work on them every single day. There’s no way you won’t get your dream job if you do that.

4. Choose your college wisely


The crowd matters a lot. If you’re surrounded by rich and dumb kids who just care about passing the exams and getting that degree that they could frame and put on their living room walls, you’re likely to become an idiot like them. You will lose your focus. You will lose your strength. You will feel lost. It’s because of the company.

So, choose your engineering college wisely and be careful of the people you surround yourself with.

5. Do it because you really want to do it

Lastly, don’t give into any pressure. But listen! Once you start the course, don’t ever second guess your decision. Either don’t start it or just learn to love it, no matter what circumstances got you there.

I see many people, currently in their second or third year , coming to me and complaining that they don’t like it anymore. It’s your fear talking. You’re afraid of the hardships you’re facing and will face for next few years. Face them. Don’t run away from them.

Problems are everywhere. That fancy university which you should have gotten into gives its own kind of tough time to its students. So, stop judging and dreaming. Start doing.

Start doing whatever you can to be successful at whatever it is you have chosen to do.

If it’s engineering, do it well.

Have any other dilemma? Ask me in the comments below!

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  1. i am really frustrated,and sad ,i am going to start my 2 year of btech cse and i think i will not be able to pass my previous sem c coding exam although i have secured 9.32 cgpa in my 1 sem and i will easily get a+ in all subjects except c,i am worried that i will not be able to learn coding and willl get backlogs in every coding subject in future so i am thinking to pursue hotel management ,i dont know what to do

    • 1. You don’t know if you’re going to fail. I was 100% sure I was going to fail in my first 2 semesters… yet I got 73% in each of those.
      2. First year is bad. Sometimes, you think you won’t be able to survive at all. I couldn’t understand any subject I was taught in the first year. So? I should have quit? You can always learn. Coding is the same. You need practice instead of obsessing over switching. What if you find a subject in HM that you can’t learn? What will you do? Take up some other course? Till when will you do it?
      Don’t run away from it. If you have a problem with a subject, work hard on it. Spend more time on it. Don’t be scared.
      Guess what! After having a terrible first year, I finished my degree at 83%. I even topped in the college in one semester. Imagine if I had quit in first year thinking I can’t understand the subjects!


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