For the fanatics who are thinking of filing a legal action against me just by reading the title, go on and do that for you may think I have insulted the honourable Prime Minister of India by merely asking a question. Go on and do that for you think this country runs on what you think and what you want. Go on and do that for you think India isn’t a democratic country anymore.

But for those who are curious about what I might really want to say, all I want to do is express my concern over what is happening in India. Apart from the horrific incidents of rapes, death due to poverty & lack of essential resources, a corruption laden workforce, denial of basic rights & justice to many and degradation of human character as a whole because of the political, religious and cultural situation of this country; there has been another addition to the issues faced by the people of my country i.e. BAN.

It hasn’t been long since India saw Beef Ban. The justification was that cow was considered sacred by the people of this country. Now, either this country isn’t secular anymore or ONLY Hindus are a part of this country. What else meaning does this ban imply?

But my question doesn’t end here. In both the cases, what are people of other religions supposed to do? What should be the course of action for them as they have got a very clear idea that they aren’t cared for anymore?

Then came porn ban. The reason behind this ban is still not clear to me. Whether it was that porn lead to more number of rapes in the country or porn was having a bad effect on children? There was this random guy who filed an FIR against availability of porn online and the judiciary system of the 7th largest country of the world directed the government to take action without considering the side of the masses.

The action was a ban. This ban definitely meant that people in India were not free to do anything – not even watch movies according to their choice. Of course, ban on movies have had a long history but a ban on terms like a movie triggers rapes is totally absurd. But no, a few Indians thought that it was a valid argument and even backed it. The ban was lifted because for one day my fellow countrymen decided to stay awake and see what was happening to their fundamental rights and freedom.

There has been many such bans which couldn’t get much attention because the media of this country didn’t think they were important. So, let’s accept to be the three monkeys who are blind, dumb and deaf for those hundreds of bans and talk of this recent ban.

Meat ban. Maybe a few politicians of this country got reminded of the future elections and they decided to prove that India isn’t only a ‘Hindu’ country. So, they randomly picked up one religion and decided to gain PR through that. And hence came the meat ban.

Truthfully speaking, I seriously considered waiting for some another ban before writing this. And I don’t really want to ask this question to the honourable Prime Minister of this country – what’s the next ban? What I want is to ask the people who actually own this country. YOU.

This is a democracy and there was a reason it was made secular. With the number of religions being practiced in the country, there has always been actions which aren’t acceptable to the other ones. It isn’t just about eating meat or beef. It includes everything from the direction of praying to the time of prayers, from the appearance of the deities to the color of clothes…each religion is unique and different.

Supporting a ban in favour of one religion means opposing all other religions. Not to forget the famous saying that “what goes around, comes around”. Yesterday, a ban favoured Hindus. Today it is the time for Jains. And tomorrow it would be some other. While the rest faced a breach in their fundamental rights awarded to them by the only ruler of this country – Indian Constitution.

What most of us forget while supporting such bans is how our fundamental rights are being taken away without even us noticing. Do you know how our constitution was formed? It involved opinion of every single person in the country. Yes, it was created by the Constituent assembly but each clause was debated upon virtually by the entire country.

And now, by staying quite while someone else’s fundamental rights gets stripped off is in fact welcoming the administration of this country to snatch away your fundamental rights in future. Don’t forget that allowing such bans and rules would imprison you too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Hindu, a Jain or a person too sacred to watch porn… we all will be doomed together if the country keeps falling like this.

So, the question I really want to ask you is that even after clearly knowing that it took us more than 100 years to get independence and 11 months 18 days to frame the constitution, why are you letting a difference in your opinions with others to befall this great country? Why can’t you just understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly? Why can’t you be patriotic enough to stand up for your country? Why can’t you love your country enough to rise above your personal preferences and keep it together?

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