Wondering what your dog needs? He cannot tell you directly. The mute animal almost always tries his best to make you understand but what if you don’t? It would be terrible. Sad.

However, you can avoid that by keeping some of the most common things your dog needs and wants to tell you about in your mind all the time. What are those?

dog gymming

  1. He Needs Exercise

Dogs need lots and lots of exercise. They need to run. Play. Not like human babies, like canines. In a dog park or a big ground or a lawn. The intensity of the exercise varies according to the breed, but every breed needs exercise.

Things like ‘but he pulls a lot’, ‘but he is unfriendly’, ‘but he is tired all the time’, ‘but he doesn’t play’ are signs of a problem. Problem with you, as a dog owner.

He pulls a lot? It is because of the excess energy he has in himself. Also, you may have never really taught him to not pull. Did you?

He is unfriendly? My german shepherd (@frodobagginsgsd on instagram) has no friends – humans or dogs whatsoever. We still go and play in the ground every day, because he needs his exercise no matter what his temperament is. I keep him occupied, I train him and I ensure he always has a muzzle on so he cannot bite. Earlier, I used to go at around 4 am so that not even a living soul passes by us. No scenes created. Gradually, he has learned to play even when humans and dogs pass. They learn, if you’re willing to let them.

He is tired all the time? He’s sick. He needs a change of food and a visit to the doctor.

He doesn’t play? You haven’t found his type of game yet. Dogs always want to play.

2. He Needs Toys

dog training

Tired of your dog destroying your furniture? It’s because he has too much energy and you’re not exercising him properly and he has no toys. Dogs chew. They like it. Puppies do it out of compulsion. If you haven’t given them anything to chew, they’ll find something. That something maybe your sofa. So, why not give them some toys?

3. He Needs Interactive Exercise

Dogs love interactive exercises. It’s great for their brain and makes them more obedient. It also makes them better pets. Interactive exercise may include them trying to get their treats through hard work by using something like a Kong toy or trying to find their favourite toy that you hid.

It’s especially important for intelligent breeds that must have interactive exercises. Spend some time on your pooch.

4. He Needs Regular Brushing

Brushing their coat and teeth, both are important. First, obvious is to brush their coat regularly. Depending on the thickness of their coat, frequency would vary. Brushing, of the long haired dogs, really helps in reducing hair fall and keeps your house cleaner. It’s a win-win situation. Your dog would feel better after brushing and your house would have less stray hair.

Brushing the teeth of the dog, with dog dental paste and brush, is crucial for mid-aged dogs. That’s mostly when the tooth decay begins and you can reduce it by proper brushing.

5. He  Needs Your company

dog walk

Dogs are social animals. They don’t like to be alone. They like you to talk to them, even when they can’t understand you. They want to be around you, even if you’re busy. Always give them the opportunity to enjoy your company. Be with them. Talk to them. Let them know you care for them.

6. He Needs A Vet

dog vaccination

Regular visits to the vet are important. Apart from the must-have injections for rabies and some common diseases, they need regular deworming. If you notice a weird change in behaviour of your dog, you must consult a vet.

7. He Need Regular Training

Lastly, you want a dog that’s intelligent, understanding and amazing? Train him. Potty training is just the beginning. Teach him commands. Make him work. They love to work and please their owners. Give them the opportunity to.

Those are the seven things your dog needs but cannot tell you. Please keep this in mind because nobody is going to remind you of this all the time.

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