You trust the person you love. You trust that person so much that you pour your heart out to that person, tell every secret, deepest and darkest desires that you have only thought of in your subconscious mind… you trust that person so much. And then, he breaks your trust, lies to you.

What do you do? How do you deal with such a situation?

what to do if your boyfriend lies to you

Hi there! I am Manpreet.  I blog here and several years ago, I talked a lot about relationships on this blog. Then, I closed up. I thought I don’t want people to peek into my really personal personal life. I feel the same even now, but I wanted to write this post, still. To help the ones who are in a  dilemma.

So, what to do?


  1. Confront Him

As women, we have a wild imagination. Sometimes, we just imagine things. Don’t confuse it with intuition because I feel female intuition is one of the most powerful inexplicable forces out there.

But are you just thinking about this thing over and over again when there’s a chance it hasn’t even happened? Is there a chance of something like that, a slightest chance?

If yes, you need to stop right now and talk to him. Ask him, face to face, and let him know that you’re ready to hear whatever is the answer. Make him comfortable enough to spill the beans.

Until then, put a hold to your feelings. You could be worrying over nothing.


2. Understand why

First of all, you need to calm down and try to understand why he lied to you. With that being said, I am assuming you are already 100% sure that he did lie to you & he has confessed. You want to make sure you’re not being just paranoid or imagining things.

Now, you have to sit face and face and talk. That’s the only way you can begin with understanding his need to lie. You’ll need a lot of self-introspection too. Did he lie because you were not ready to understand the situation? Did he lie to you because he had to, fearing your reaction which often blows out of proportion?

Be truthful to yourself. Is it all his fault? Did you instigate such an action? If yes, what can you do to not let it happen again? Think on that and work on that.


3. Try To Forgive

It depends, what he lied about. Did your boyfriend lie about a trivial thing? I understand, it still hurts the same but if it’s a small thing and you can let it go, let it go.

Don’t hold on to that one mistake and ruin your perfectly healthy relationship. You also are thinking of what did you do to contribute to this situation. You also need to make amens to your ways.

So, give both of you a chance. Another chance.


4. What if he cheats on you?

Watching American T.V. shows, I see infidelity as a common practice. However, my personal beliefs are that there’s no forgiveness for infidelity. I mean, you don’t have to go all “I’ll kill you or her” on him. You can act like an adult and just move out of his life.

Let him go. If he had loved you truly, he wouldn’t have done that. The fact that it has happened means that there’s nothing between you two anymore, no matter what you think.

So, have some self respect and leave him. You’ll find your dream man, the one who really loves you. Wait for him.

That’s how you deal with it. That’s what you do if your boyfriend lies to you. What are your thoughts on that?

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