Do you enjoy B.Tech.? What if you don’t want to do B.Tech. anymore? What if you want to stop?

Judging by the fact that most of the B.Tech. pass outs aren’t even doing engineering related jobs in India, I can say that many of us just stop enjoying being an engineer. We don’t want it anymore.

Don’t worry. While I was doing my engineering, I also stopped enjoying it. It happens. But how do you know if it’s your fear talking or if it’s really a shift in your preferences? How do you really make the shift – do something other than engineering? And when?

dont want to do anymore

  1. Figure out why you don’t enjoy it anymore

When I started college, I was in a huge shock. I hated the faculty. Whatever they spoke, I didn’t understand. And they totally didn’t care whether I did or didn’t. I was failing. And I hated B.Tech. I wanted to quit.

But what do you think? Was it because I didn’t enjoy it anymore? NO. It was because I was finding it difficult to do. I had so many problems – study issues, friends issues, basically every issue you can think of. So, evidently, my fear was making me think I would be better off doing something else, something creative. Are you thinking the same?

See, if I had quit then, it would have been the worst mistake of my life. If you quit in a situation like this, you’ll be running away from your fears. And take this from me in writing, you’ll do that in every situation in your life, every time, if you do it once. Right now, you’re strong and you can afford to make mistakes. So, don’t run away from your fears. Not yet.

Basically, if you’re quitting because you can’t do it anymore, don’t. Face your fears. Understand those concepts. Pass your exams. Get that job. Find that passion. Learn that skill. And then, think of whether you should stay in this field or pursue that passion and skill.

2. Find out what else you want to do

Let’s just say that you’re confident that you’re not running away from the difficulties and fears you’re facing. You just don’t want to do B.Tech. anymore. What then?

What will you do? Is there some thing you’re passionate about? Do you enjoy doing it? Can you do it for the rest of your life with all ups and downs?

Listen! Hear this from a person who is pursuing her passion – you won’t always enjoy the monetary aspect of it. When you have to depend on your passion to earn that money that will put bread on your table, you’ll have to make trade-offs, some so discouraging that you will stop enjoying that thing. That will no longer remain your passion, whatever it is.

So, how can you still be sure that you can do it without making it happen? Try it. Don’t just jump into the sea and see if you’ll swim. Start from a pool, then pond, then river and then the sea. Meaning?

Don’t quit everything else that could give you financial security and sense of purpose. Rather, pursue your passion on the side. You can learn everything on internet. So, start by reading every resource, tutorial, course you can find on the internet about that thing. Then, start doing it part-time. And when it will start working and you’ll love monetising it, then consider quitting your engineering career.

Before that, just stop complaining.

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3. Is it financially feasible?

Most of us come from middle-class families. We need the money. We can’t sit at home until we’re thirty and try to make life choices. We have to get out there and earn some money.

Is your situation like that? Then, you can’t just quit B.Tech. Your parents spent their hard-earned money for your education. You probably spent years on getting that degree or you’re studying hard to get it some day. You can’t just quit and do some other course, no matter how much you want to.

Don’t act miserable if that’s happening to you. Millions of other people are sailing on the same boat and they’re not complaining. Then, why are you whining? Everybody has to make choices and compromises. Make them. Own them.

4. Be confident

See, there was a reason why you started doing it. Maybe, your parents forced you or maybe, you expected something else. Whatever it is, you have to let go of that reason. Just remember the fact that you’re currently doing B.Tech. or have done it.

Now, when you really take in that fact, re-analyse your problems. You don’t have to give up on looking for a job just because you failed your first 100 interviews. You don’t have to give up on trying to pass your exams just because you have about fifteen backs. Don’t give up.

Life is testing you and you have to work hard, rather than trying to find a way out. When you’ll do it, you’ll pass every test and interview.

5. Tone down your expectations

Grass is always greener on the other side. I see many B.Tech. pass outs complaining about less salary. Look at yourself! Do you think you have enough skills to deserve that salary? Do you think you know everything in your field and have everything it takes to earn that kind of pay check? Be honest.

See, here’s the thing. If you really deserved that, you would have gotten it already or you will be working your way towards it. You won’t be complaining and quitting jobs just because they’re paying you less. Instead, you will be having more offers than you can handle and picking the best ones.

Too many people make the mistake of over expecting or being too impatient. You won’t make five figure income in a day. You have to start somewhere, and depending on your skills and current level of knowledge, experience and talent, it can be less than what you expected. Instead of leaving everything and waiting for that dream job, work on that job that you’re getting until you’re getting another one that pays you what you want.

Don’t expect people to give you anything. Go get it!

If you don’t want to do B.Tech. anymore, you have to be sure whether you’re doing it for the right reasons, whether you can afford to quit, whether you really want to choose something else over this and whether you’re making a real choice, not a trade-off on the basis of what seems less difficult and scary.

Once you have that clear, you’ll know what to do. Good luck!

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