As I was finding it difficult to control my heartbeat for I was watching the Arrow once again; oh no! I was watching Oliver once again. There are some characters in those fictional TV shows which really make a place in your heart. Does anyone wonder why does that happen? Why a fictional character becomes so important and special in your life? Why does that Oliver Queen makes my heart beat so fast?

Well, most of the people would say that I am just a fan and like every other fan of a TV show or a TV star, I am just mad about it. But, I guess I think a bit differently and truthfully speaking, I realized it just now.

Me, Manpreet Kaur, watching the second episode of the Arrow Season 2, has been wondering since I was watching the last season that why is it that Oliver Queen is so special to me? I have watched many shows. I have watched many heroes trying to save the world. Then why this one makes me think about it so much? Why am I left so restless after the end of each episode of this TV Show Arrow? I did try to find the answers and I got the answer today.

arrow; change

Before sharing my answer with you, it becomes necessary to describe what Arrow is all about and this description isn’t the one which you could find on Wikipedia as this is my description. How I describe Arrow in my words? Oliver Queen, the leading character in the show comes up to save his city from all the bad people around. He hasn’t been such a good man before. He had been a spoilt rich brat before but he has changed. Now, he cares more about the people close to him. Now, he cares more about his city. He wants to save the city. For this purpose, he plays dual roles in his life – one role is of Oliver Queen itself and another one which isn’t known by too many people is a role of a Vigilante where he gets into a hood and saves the world from the bad people. But as every another story, the Oliver Queen is still the bad person for that is what people knew him for.

CHANGE! Change like a one which happened to Oliver in the show, a change which would not only change your personality but also changes your heart and mind. Such kind of changes is often caused due to something very serious and very difficult that might have happened with you and your life.

For Oliver, it was his father killing himself in order to save his son so that he could go out in the world he lived in and rectify his bad deeds. Oliver changed but this world; the world never let a person change so easily. Even when he does, they are not ready to accept.

That’s what happened with Oliver and this is what the actual non fictional world is. They would never let you become a good person no matter how much you want to but, yep they would hate for you are a bad person. It seems like you are sitting in a boat which cannot move in any direction. You cannot continue being bad for you’ve been changed by the circumstances  and you cannot even be good; for those very people who hate you for being bad won’t let you be good. They won’t let you change yourself even when that is the only thing they want or they say they want.

And this is what makes this show so special to me. The irony that is behind the story, the behavior of the real world towards every bad person who is changed from inside and wants to rectify the wrong things that have happened because of him. People would keep hating you and would keep asking you to change but guess what; they won’t let you change even when you try your best. They would keep calling you a heartless person who remains unmoved no matter what happens around him or to the people dear to him.

And if you are going through a thing like Oliver is going through in the show, do remember, they would try their best to make you fail for you being changed would prove them wrong and none in this world is ready to accept that he can be wrong. So, if you want to change, stop caring about the world and just DO IT!

Change comes from inside and not from what others say about you.

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