I don’t make big money on Instagram. I barely have a following there. But I know several who make big bucks there. And when I tell people about their success, I see the pangs of jealousy.

How easy it is! Putting pictures on Instagram and making loads of money!

What such people forget to understand is that if it was so easy, everybody would have done that. I would have done that.

Instead of obsessing over what others are making, I thought lets try this whole ‘clicking good photos thing.’

manpreet kaur blogger

Here’s what it took!

Dressing Up

Some girls like to doll up every day. It’s awesome if you’re that kind.

But for a person like me, it’s a struggle to find some good clothes hidden under the piles of t-shirts with holes and pajamas.

It’s even harder to comb through the messy mane that otherwise stays unnoticed for days. #WorkFromHomeProblems

So, give it one hour… all that dressing up doesn’t happen in a moment.

indian booktuber

Setting Up The Camera

The hardest part is here.

First, you need to find a good background. A struggle, once again.

I tried to setup my camera in almost every good looking corner of my house to try and see if I can have a good shot somewhere.

Give it one hour and finally, I figured I have to get out of my house and find a background, which I did in this particular photo.

Next comes setting the camera itself. Now, those auto mode settings don’t get you in the real game on Instagram. You have to go manual, play with the setting – ISO, shutter speed, focal length.

But that’s not all. Cause you don’t have your beau standing there waiting for you to pose. You have to click the photos yourself. Therefore, adjust self-timer and auto focus settings. Done?

Next, you decide whether you want to run a lot while doing this activity – back and forth when timer clicks or you want the easier way. The latter is fiddling with the camera app settings on your phone to be able to operate the camera from your phone. Done.

Now, comes the actual clicking a photo part. But wait! What about the pose? Like every beginner, you have no idea how to pose like a pro. So, you try and try. And after about 50 photos, you find one photo that looks good.


Not at all.

life of manpreet

What about editing this thing? So, you sit and spend hours to edit a picture (which by the way, I’m still not ready to do, much).

Once all of it is done, you decide to make the post live on Instagram. It’s no joke. Finding out the best time to post, best hashtags and best captions – that also takes a lot of time.

And still, when you see what that blogger makes from Instagram, you have to feel jealous and say, “Oh! I wish I could make this much money like they do by JUST posting pictures.”

What do you say? Have done that before? Have seen people doing that to you? To your favorite Instagrammers? What do you have to say about that?

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