The big fat Indian wedding can be very chaotic. Lots of preparations, guests and then, gifts!

When I was a little girl, I loved the idea of gifts. Shiny gift wrappers sliding towards me with the mystery attached to them. I couldn’t wait to open them. Sometimes I loved the stuff and sometimes, Sharma Aunty’s son brought the ugliest piece of soft toy for me. Why would I want a teddy bear at the age of 8. Right?

Now imagine, how would I feel if my wedding gifts turned out to be like that! Of course, I can regift them but then, I like my gifts to be thoughtful and tasteful. I don’t want my best friend to hate me for the worst wedding gift either.

I need a solution.

I need the Wedding Wishlist.

wedding gift registry for millenial couples

I was recently introduced this website, by S and the team at wedding wishlist, that explained how the whole wedding gifts registry websites works.

How does it work?

Wedding Wishlist makes it very easy for you to sort out your gift registry and help you put together a collection of gifts that you could really use and appreciate.

All you need to do is go to their website and register. Then, you can begin creating your wishlist. They have several offers to help you plan better –

wedding gift registry

  1. Privacy settings to help you keep the wedding secret until you announce it all over social media with your pre-wedding photoshoot
  2. Shipping preferences to help you decide whether you want the gifts right away or after the wedding.
  3. Contribution limit to help your relatives & friends contribute to buy a big ticket item
  4. Nominate a friend option because you as a  bride or groom should be focusing on complete rest and stress-free wedding planning. Let your lazy best friends do some work!

Now that you have done the initial setup, you can start browsing the catalog of Wedding Wishlist for gifts from categories like – kitchen, home, personal care and experiences.

I think group gifting is one of the best features of Wedding Wishlist. It helps your friends gift you things you really want or need, without burning a hole in their pockets. You get an experience of a lifetime & your friends get the happiness of finally making it possible for you.

Wedding Wishlist has several well-known brands in their catalog like – PepperFry, KitchenAid, UrbanLadder, FabIndia, Panasonic, Philips, Amazon, Samsung etc. But what if your friend doesn’t find the item they’re looking for?

They you can give them an option to gift you a gift voucher to let you shop for your own gifts!

I see a lot of people interested in sharing their joy with the charities. You can let your friends know that you’re interested in helping some NGOs and they can directly help you contribute towards that.

Plan Your Wedding On Wedding Wishlist

india's first wedding gift registry wedding wishlist

Wedding Wishlist isn’t just a  gift registry website. In fact, it’s the only website you will need for your overall wedding planning.

You can quickly build your wedding website, by picking pre-designed themes and easily customising them with your personal touch.

They also give you options to customise your wedding cards and invitations, starting at a very nominal price range.

The planning tools offer great choices to sort out your wedding. You can start building a checklist for your wedding or use their budget planner app to plan out the budget. They offer more planning tools to help you find vendors and make proper reservations for your guests.

Apart from that, they’ve a beautiful wedding inspiration and ideas section to help you find out about the latest wedding trends.

Honestly, I think looking for ideas on just the basic internet can be very overwhelming, confusing and a total time-waste.

Websites like wedding wishlist helps you plan SO much in one go.

All in all, I think if you’re getting married in this year, you NEED to check out wedding wishlist, India’s first wedding gift registry website and use their tools to ease your wedding planning.

The post is sponsored by Wedding Wishlist. 

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