If we talk about hottest technology trends 2014, the neoteny of Wearable devices is the most rugged technology so far. After the huge and successful marketing campaign for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, many companies like LG, Sony, Broadcoam, and ZTE are already working on the technology of Wearable devices. While Sony is almost ready with its smart watch SMW 2, LG has also joined the suit with its smart watch ‘G Archto be launched in February, 2014.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices would certainly be the most trending technology in 2014 but would that include the smart watches and Google Glasses?

Tech analyst Tim Bajarin in his interview with FoxNews.com considers all the attempts by Samsung and Google to enter the industry of Wearable devices as a mere failure. He considers that smart watches only appeal to ultra geeks and would be of no use to normal people and therefore, won’t go main stream at anytime in 2014.

Then what should we expect in Wearable devices?

In 2014, wearables would be your new ‘get fit & stay healthy’ devices. Wellness technology is what that is expected to work in the coming year. Exercise trackers, heart rate monitors, activity monitors, pedometers, step counters and other such Wearable Fitness Devices are expected to generate revenue of approximately $1.6 billion in 2014.

Wearable Devices for Health & Fitness

In what form would these devices be available in market? They maybe wristbands or embedded sensors in your clothes or shoes.  There would be apps available for free so as to utilize such Wearable Devices.

But such a prediction, no matter how strong and logical it is, raised certain questions in my mind.

What’s the future of smartphones? Predictions also say that smart phones are going to be bigger and if we consider it to be true, we would obviously need devices like Samsung Gear so as to access normal features like calling or texting. Won’t we?

If smart watches are too ultra geek types, then why do we consider wearable fitness devices to be the ones for ‘normal type’ people?

What I believe is that Wearable Devices would obviously be the hot ones in 2014 but I certainly disagree with the prediction which doubts the future of smart watches and smart glasses. What do you think?

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  1. who said smartwatches are for ultra geeks?..wearable tech once combined with fashion will be the Next Big Thing in tech world..recently smartRings are announced in CES2014 which will help to control ur smartphone once u put it on..its just that not everybody is seeking interest in it bcz of high cost.But thing like G Glass is surely a master piece…BTW nyc article..

    • Hello Manpreet, First of all I am very sorry for replying so late. I had been away for a week and didn’t have internet access.
      And I completely agree with the cost factor. Not everyone can afford a smart watch till now. Moreover, the kind of features are still limited.
      Thank you for liking this article. There are going to be a few more in the series of Hottest Technology Trends 2014. This is the second one.
      And yes, I have already visited your blog and I am greatly impressed by your work. I have a few suggestions which I would be sharing with you very soon. 🙂

  2. No worries at all.I agree with you on limited features but am sure the coming tech will definitely fill the empty spots.Thanks for the review btw.Am still working on the site.But you are doing amazing with this blog.Really nyc stuff to read here.will be sharing with friends for sure. 🙂

  3. Do you know about the Contact lens project of Google? That is the real wearable device for an ultra geek. Though the patents mention that it will be doing glucose monitoring and will be using a tiny camera to assist a person who has weak eye sight but its application area is far more wider than that. It carries a potential to replace the glass even.



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