“Do we want gender equality or women rule in the country?”

This was what I tweeted last day. Why? Because, I could not stop myself. I try my best to keep myself away from the T.V. news channels for I really abhor the way they present an issue to the world, especially to my country – India. But then I just could not stop myself because I really want this answer.

 Last time, I talked about how media is behaving irresponsibly, people didn’t really agree with me, not because I was wrong but maybe because I failed to express what I wanted to say. This time, all I need is an answer. Answer from all the people residing in India who feel that something wrong is happening all around. Answer from the people who do not like what is happening with women these days and want to change that. Answer from the people who are supposedly our leaders and who are responsible for fulfilling the needs of this society. Answer from the people who were given a very serious responsibility to help the normal people decide what is right and what is wrong in our country and society – media. And at last, I want an answer from all the women of my country who want the present scenario where women are being treated like animals and are so unsafe in their own country to be changed.

So, what are you fighting for? I know the society is going on the wrong way. Every day, we hear news about crime against women. I would rather point out the newspapers which are at least a bit on the right track by bringing up all kinds of news about crime against women. And obviously, we cannot ignore the recent names in the news – Ganguly and Tarun Tejpal. All of this is turning a bit scary. Each piece of news just adds up to the fear that has already pestered in the hearts of the women in this country. We are even scared to go alone in the market. We are even scared to seek for a job for we are worried if it’s going to be safe or not. What kind of fear is in our hearts can only be known by a normal woman of this country.

Lots of people have stepped forward for our help. Thank you! Lots of woman leaders and other people are stepping forward for us, ‘the women’. They are giving so many good lectures and comments about how they are on our side and trying their best to help us. I am not going to comment on what kind of help we actually got. I just want to ask a single question –“what are you actually doing in the name of help – trying to improve the status of women in the society and establish gender equality in the country or trying to start an era of woman rule where no one but women are allowed to work and talk?”

gender equality

Sorry, but I had to ask this for I see no one actually fighting for the right thing. I see no news about the security measures which are being taken to ensure women safety in the country. I see no news about how women are being inspired to strengthen themselves and fight for their own safety. I see no news about how even a retired justice is being fairly punished. What I see is how the crimes are increasing. Everywhere, I see the problem and I see people talking about the problem.

Solution? I don’t think it exists for many a people. If it does, I think I deserve an answer to my question –

Gender Equality or Women Rule? I want this answer because while all the people are too busy in their talks, I want some real improvement. Talking isn’t going to help anymore. Would it?

Gender Equality – we want each member of the society to be at par and have equal rights and the status in the society. We want each one to be safe and to be subjected to justice. We want each one to live happily and coordinate successfully till the end by eradicating the social evils and ensuring women safety.

Women Rule – we want only women should be allowed to talk. Every problem is of a woman and they are the only ones who should be deciding what’s right and what’s wrong. No one is allowed to point a finger on them even if they are on the wrong path. They are supreme power in the world and they are always right.

So what do we want? The first one or the second?

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