Affiliate Links

Give me one good reason for they would hate it?

First of all,  Affiliate Links do not leave any trace on the customer’s (visitor’s) computer and they do not have to pay any extra money for buying a product. there would be no special screens or code block asking them to enter some information in order to get you the commission. In fact, they wouldn’t even know that it was an Affiliate Link or a simple ad to help them out.

But yep, they would hate if you are going to bug them with unlimited amount of affiliate ads and links and create a hindrance in the actual purpose for which they visited your website/blog at the first place. But if you placed those ads carefully and in a planned manner, they won’t mind at all.

Moreover, if you do enough efforts to provide them with those Affiliate Links which would go by the content of your website, the visitors are going to love it.

For example, say, I write one article in which talking about the benefits of having Green Tea. Below my article, I would put an ad asking them to buy Green Tea at cheap price. My visitors would actually feel well for if they were really convinced with my article that would be the first step they would have taken themselves – Buy Green Tea. So, you see – no one is going to be unhappy in this situation.



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  1. ou need a targeted & quality traffic, not a quantity. If you get even only 60 click and convert 1 or 2 than its good thing for you.
    In affiliate marketing quality traffic with specific target age, location and products is matter . Not a quantity.


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