Have you already started feeling low because of the Valentine’s Day? Being single is always fun but there is one time in a year when being single sucks. That time is Valentine’s Day. It is so hard to watch girls moving around with a bouquet of red roses. It is so hard to watch your best friend suit up for the big date.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for singles

I can understand how it feels when no one even wishes you Happy Valentine’s Day. My friend, this day might be a big day for the so-in-love couples but that gives you no excuse to feel bad on this day. And that’s why I have come up with this post about 5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles.

  1. Pamper Yourself: Oh! People always tend to underestimate the power behind ‘Love Yourself’ concept. You have all rights to make yourself feel special. Buy what you had longed to get since so long. Plan for your dream trip. Find the things you love and do them. Pamper Yourself. This is the best of the Valentine’s Day Ideas ever created. Go and do it! And if you need more ideas of how to get this done in a perfect way, let me know. I would love to do another post about this.
  2. Look for singles: Not everyone is luck to find love. Of course, many of your friends might have dates for this day but there would be plenty who would be too shy to declare that they are going to be all alone on this day. Make the first move. Ask your best buddies about their plans for the day. Pick out the singles and ask them to plan something… or be the ringleader and plan a good day out or night out on this occasion. All guys and all girl group outings would be perfect.
  3. Party & get high: When the booze comes in, no one cares about being single. Right? Go to a pub or turn on the music in your home and start dancing. Take some tequila shots and enjoy being yourself. Enjoy being single for once you lose this status, you’re going to miss it. It is always better to enjoy it to the fullest.
  4. Solo trip: Some people just don’t go along well with group outings and stuff. Welcome to the club, dear. Go for a solo trip. This would obviously a good idea for a boy but if you’re a girl and wondering if it’s a good idea for you – it is. Recently, a friend of mine went for a solo trip to Varanasi. Trust me! Every girl in her friend list was jealous of her; even the committed ones. Make everyone get jealous. Go out on a solo trip.
  5. Ignore: You’re not really supposed to care or think of anything or everything that the world does. If world is celebrating this day, that doesn’t mean you have to. It all depends on your choice. So, if you choose to ignore, just ignore.

I hope you liked these Valentine’s Day Ideas for singles. Let me know, which one you find the best. Also, if there is some other cool idea you have in your mind, do SHARE your Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles.

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    • Not all bloggers are single. In fact, there are famous bloggers who have families… women bloggers who look after their kids. But yes, these ideas work well with singles. 🙂


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