While I may not claim that the title – unlock unplugged courtyard in Delhi is entirely my creation, I can bet that you’re going to love what I have for you in this post. Are you interested to hear about a new brilliantly themed restaurant in the capital city Delhi? Are you interested to hear about an amazing concept invented by a much talked about restaurateur in Delhi? Are you a foodie and like food photos? If yes, read on!

I was in Delhi last weekend, and while I am still preparing a somewhat original post on what I did in Delhi, I found it irresistible to talk about this one. I was invited to this event by Gurpreet from Mister Tikku and come on! Who would say no to free food? Plus, the location of this new place Unplugged Courtyard which is opening soon (or would be already launched when you read this) is so good. It’s in Connaught place, and it was right next to the block where I stayed for the trip. How could I say no?


So, there comes the time when I rushed into this rustic looking place. I stepped inside and there was a person who greeted me warmly and then I asked the question about the event and quickly I was escorted to the place where all the happening things were going on. Did I ever tell how I judge restaurants with how their employees greet the customers? This one passed the test right then.

And then the magic happened. Of course, there were some amazing people in that area adding up to the ecstasy of the atmosphere but still the place was quite a concept. Talking about the idea…

Well, this is what I got to know. So, the owner had this place that was initially used as a godown and now wanted to do something cool with it. The area wasn’t that suitable for opening a restaurant, but they did, and it turned out so well. They have used the two huge trees as the great piece of furniture for their open restaurant. Then there is a live band that was so soothing to the ears. And then there is an open rooftop area as well which is equally fantastic. Oh! Did I mention how the flooring isn’t the usually tiled area? They have put thick gravel, and small stones in there (at some parts of the area), and the furniture is comfortable but classy.

live band at unplugged courtyard

Enough about how the place has been designed. Let’s talk about the things that matter to us the most – FOOD.

I would like to start with the drinks that were the best I have tasted. I wouldn’t like to explain how I felt about the drinks for branding reasons. But just have a look at the pictures (Don’t judge me from the kind of pictures I take. I am still learning photography) and decide what you think of them. Do let me know in the comments down below.

unplugged courtyard delhi

drinks at unplugged courtyard

Snacks… they were wow. The Amritsari fish pakoras were crunchy but juicy. What a combination! And the presentation of each of the snacks just added up to the taste. Yes, a presentation is a part of food’s taste for me.

unplugged courtyard snacks

I tried almost all the snacks but couldn’t click that many pictures of them. Why? Because I was so engrossed in chatting with people, eating good food and enjoying the drinks that I forgot I wanted to do a blog post about it. 😛

nachos at unplugged courtyard

Anyways, my experience with the unplugged courtyard in Delhi was more than amazing, and I am visiting this place when I go back to Delhi. Let me know if you decide to try out this place and what you think of it.

Facebook Page of Unplugged Courtyard: Here

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  1. This is just so awesome.. kitne pyaar se aapne us din ki ek rooprekha si khech di. I relived the moment and I sure that every reader would be transported to Unplugged for a few moments.

    It was super awesome to have you with us Manpreet Jee… looking froward to many more special moments like these 🙂


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