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10 Types of Shoes You Must Own in Summer 2019


A woman can never have enough shoes

Wondering what types of shoes are trending this summer? Read this post to know about them.

1.Strappy Shoes

Types of Shoes Strappy Shoes

I’m the happiest person in the world to see this trend back. There’s something so hot about those flimsy straps wrapping around your ankle. They also provide a little bit of more support to you while you walk in those extra high heels.

Check my post in case you are not so comfortable in high heels.

2. Mules

Types of Shoes Mules

When you’re on a self-inflicted ban of heels, you need flats. Lucky you! This season is all about classy mules and they look best when worn as flats. You can go for a formal leather look or a casual look with some colors thrown into it.

3. Colors That Would Pop Out

Types of Shoes Pop up colors

Colors like yellow, orange and red are trending this summer. Oh yes, it’s incredibly tough to match such types of shoe colors with your outfit but that’s the beauty of this trend. Such shoes will be the statement accessory of your outfit.

4. Kitten Heels

Types of Shoes Kitten Heels

If you want a little bit of added height but not the pain of heels, you can go for kitten heels. They’re hot. There’s no way you can beat kitten heels when you’re going for a formal look with a pencil skirt and a formal shirt. Try it.

5. Oxford shoes

Types of Shoes Oxford Shoes

What is it with women stealing men’s styles? Well, I love that we do that. Who could have thought Oxfords would give such a boss lady look to us. They’re in. So, suit up!

6. Platform heels

Types of Shoes Platform Heels

Super high platform heels are in this season. We’re all so lucky. No more pain of wearing those pumps. Now, you can run around in your platform heels and wear them for hours, with no pain.

7. Sneakers

Types of Shoes Sneakers

They’re never going out of style. Just keep stocking up with them.

8. Funky Embellishments

Types of Shoes Embellishments

Bring out your Indian soul with lots of embellishments on your shoes. They’re in!

9. Shimmery shoes

Types of Shoes Shimmery Shoes

Shimmery shoes are getting more famous. They look great. Pick them up!

10. Sandals

Types of Shoes Sandals

Somehow, we lost touch with them. Didn’t we? With all those pumps and stilettos, we just forgot how comfortable and nice sandals can look – especially with a nice flared knee-length dress. Well, you remember now. Try them!

If you think you are lazy and still doesn’t want to miss out then do read my post here for types of shoes you can own.

There you have your shopping list. You have a lot of new shoes to buy, my friend. Ready to shop? Which is your favourite type? Comment below!

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