Are you a lazy girl? You’re probably way too lazy to even read this post, but if you’re here stick to it. I truly have the types of shoes every lazy girl should own and I can tell that on the basis of my personal experience. You see, I am lazy too.

I am also that person who wants to look good all the time but can put ZERO effort in doing that. I have found a way that can help me look great without having me do much work – it’s pre-planning.

If I buy everything with proper planning and research, I wouldn’t have to spend too much time selecting things, and sulking when I cannot find what I need.

In this post, I have some basic types of shoes that every lazy girl should own, so that you never have to look for this again.

1Basic Black Heels

Honestly, if anybody asks you to not buy black “all the time”, you need better company. Black is THE color you should collect when it comes to shoes. Black heels, black flats, black sneakers… anything new type of shoe you find in black color, you buy it. I have regretted trying to follow trends and buy weird shoes but not keep my inventory of the basic black heels. Get both – black heels and black flats. Now!

2Good sports shoes

Yes, you’re lazy but that doesn’t mean you have to become unfit. Hitting the gym or going for a walk or a trek every day is important. So, prepare yourself and get yourself a nice pair of good-quality sports shoes. You need them. Remember that there’s a lot of technology and science that goes into sports shoes – all of them are not alike. Choose carefully while keeping the activity you’re likely to perform in mind.

3A nice pair of flats

Begin with getting the basic black color. Then, get a beige, camel, navy blue, nude and then, white color. Once you have all these, buy whatever you want. When it comes to style, you can buy the basic plain ones but also these types of flats are very much in trend – in suede, sequinned, with embellishments, with cut style or jaali work.

4Block Heels

A pair of block heels is a must-have for those days when you know you’ll have to walk a lot but you still need your style game on-point. It’s highly recommended for women who go to office. You can look perfectly formal without killing your feet by going for block heels. I also love kitten heels, which are in trend these days for this purpose.

5Fancy Chappals

No, not that fancy. But you need a pair of chappals to for the walk on the beach or for that trip where you plan to walk around and see the place for an entire day. There’s nothing that will save your feet but a nice and comfortable chappal. Go for one with extra cushioning, it will be even more comfortable.

There you go my girl! You can conquer the world with these five types of shoes. I told you what exactly you must have in your closet before you go ahead and buy those weird Karan Johar style shoes. Start collecting these now!

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  1. Looking great work dear, I really appreciated to you on this quality work. Nice post!! these tips may help me for future.

  2. wow, amazing Article on Shoes with Pictures, I love the pic with black shoes in the car. I think every girl should take care of this useful shoe tips.


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