Are you looking for popular types of blog posts that can give you best traffic? Let me think!

You have already read those long posts from bloggers that talk about informative posts, list posts, round up posts and so on. Right? They work. But can we just get a bit more specific here?

I have been blogging for years and I recently started working on another project and I learned the following five types of blog posts that can fetch you great traffic. I hope this helps!

Top 5 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Great Traffic

Top 5 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Great Traffic

Don’t just see the titles. You won’t get the real information if you don’t read the paragraphs. Avoid skimming. Start reading.

  1. Latest Trends

Now, stop thinking that this is just applicable to a niche like fashion. You can talk about latest trends in any niche – beauty, fashion, fitness, technology, blogging, food and so on.

And it’s certainly not just one post idea. For example, when we talk about fashion, we can do latest seasonal trends which would make four posts a year. Then we can talk about place-related trends – office fashion, college fashion and so on. Then we can talk about specific trends related to clothing items and accessories – trending patterns, trending embroideries, trending shoe designs, trending accessories etc. Did you get the point?

There are so many ideas that you can generate with this one post format and write posts around it. Still thinking what type of topics you can choose for your niche? Ask me in the comments below. I’ll try my best to help.

2. Fitness Related Posts

Gymming regularly

There’s this psychological thing about human beings that compel them to read such posts. They may read 100 posts about gymming every day but never hit the gym. However, that’s not the point.

You need traffic. You want to people to click those links when you share them on social media. Right?

If yes, go ahead and address the topic of fitness in your posts.

For example, if you have a technology blog, talk about fitness related gadgets or health hazards related to technology.

If you have a fashion blog, talk about adding fashion into your fitness regime or fashion items that pose health hazards (hint: heels and wrong sized shoes).

If you have a makeup blog, talk about the fitness of your skin, eyes and body parts that get the most layers of makeup on them.

If you have a blogging blog, talk about health problems that happen due to your laptop lifestyle.

I feel like the title of this post should have been “top blog posts ideas.” No?

3. Personal Sharing Experience – “How I ….”

How I Earn Money By Working From Home? | Finix Post

Believe it or not, people are insanely curious about other people’s lives. They would love to see you sharing your personal experience than publish some copied press releases.

Remember those essays you used to write in school about your visit to blah blah place? These posts should be like that.

If you want to take it one step further, talk about some serious aspects of your lives. But keep in mind that these should be purely based on your personal experience. I am going to do a quick brainstorming session of listing down such ideas and not all will be applicable to you. Just pick the ones that are and write about them.

  1. How I got my first gig online
  2. How I earn money online
  3. How I got a job
  4. How I quit alcohol/junk food/smoking
  5. How I faced bullying and got over it
  6. How I invest my money
  7. How I save money
  8. How I do my exercise

5. Trending topics

Don’t get confused with point 1. This is entirely different. These are the topics you’ll pick up from social media platforms. Check trending sections of Twitter, Facebook and use Google Trends to have information about trending topics.

Keep in mind that these topics are the ones that you have to cover quickly. You can’t take a day to write on this. It’s fast and you have to be fast to use these types of blog posts topics for your advantage.

Those are my top 5 types of blog posts that get you great traffic. Try them!

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  1. I dont think fitness or personal blogging will get you much traffic. You should follow latest trending topics to get more traffic.

  2. I thought about doing a product review for a candy company here in the usa and I tried one of their lollypops and it looked nothing like the picture when I got home tasted bad, I want to do the review but I want to be honest not be like “Oh its best ever”. How do you write a honest review for something you didn’t like? I have other ideas I may just go with those.


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