Here’s a list of Tv shows I have watched!

Top TV shows i have watched

  1. Grey’s Anatomy (completed, ongoing): If you haven’t watched and loved this show, it’ll be hard for us to be friends.
  2. Madam Secretary (completed, ongoing): If you love women in power and a show that really highlights several social and political issues, you need to watch this. Each of the characters in the show, everything in this show is so meaningful and beautiful.
  3. Girlboss: Based on real-life of Nasty Gal founder – Sophia Amaruso.
  4. Heartland (A Canadian T.V. show): It’s based in a small town in Canada, and the main lead – Amy has an ability to connect with horses. The show has horses, big farmhouse and a very family-ish vibe. Watched 11 seasons. Don’t feel like beginning the season 12, as of now.
  5. Empire: The songs in this show are litt! & Kitty! Oh! It’s one of the best musical shows out there!
  6. Teen Wolf (completed): Oh! I loved this show so much. It’s a supernatural show featuring teenage werewolves. Loved this show so much, even though the last few seasons didn’t make any sense. LOL!
  7. Big Little Lies: I started the show, watched a few episodes and then, started re-watching Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe, I’ll finish it some day. Most probably not for I read what happens by the end and all that… yes! I do that.
  8. Manhunt(Unabomber):  About a serial killer who sent bombs in post. Binge-watched this show.
  9. Manifest
  10. Dexter
  11. Blacklist
  12. Scream (season 1): Tried season 2, it was too boring to continue.
  13. Sherlock
  14. Shadowhunters
  15. Gossip Girl
  16. Orange is the new black
  17. The Vampire Diaries
  18. Homeland
  19. House of Cards
  20. Stranger Things (season 1,2)
  21. The Big Bang Theory
  22. How I Met Your Mother
  23. Friends
  24. The Walking Dead
  25. The 100
  26. Lost in Space
  27. Chespeake Shore
  28. Breaking Bad
  29. Prison Break
  30. Lost
  31. Supernatural
  32. Good Wife (legal drama)
  33. How To Get Away With Murder (legal drama)
  34. 13 Reasons Why
  35. Game of Thrones
  36. Suits (legal drama)
  37. White Collar
  38. The Mentalist
  39. Gilmore Girls
  40. Two and a half men
  41. Westworld: Tried watching it a little bit. Never got fully into it.
  42. Killing Eve: It has Sandra Oh, the Christina Grey so obviously I was interested to watch it and I also heard great things about it. Got bored after episode 3. Not sure if I’ll finish watching the first season or the show itself. Sandra Oh plays the role of a government agent who’s trying to catch this woman serial killer.

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