I am writing today with no aim. I haven’t decided the title even when experts suggest spending hours on choosing the title and topic. I am just writing. And let me tell you a secret. That’s when you write best.

Writing is special to me. It made people notice me, in those job interviews and in this internet world. You’re reading this only because I can write. I can earn my daily bread just because I can write. And no! Everyone cannot write. Each time I visit my hometown, I have at least 3-4 people lined up who want to know how to earn money online. They are too fascinated with the idea of working from home, ‘doing nothing’ and making money.

Then some people just cannot believe how much I can write. I truly don’t write that much, but there are days when I write way beyond I think I am capable of. How is it possible to write that much? Let me share some tips.

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  1. Clear your mind

You cannot write unless you have a clear mind. If you’re stressed up with things and something is bothering you, forget about writing. People can write different things with the various emotions in mind but if there’s one emotion that can’t let you write is this medical thing called ‘stress.’ Get out of it.

  1. Use the power of your emotions

As I said, you can write with different emotions. I complained about not being able to write when I was sad, but gradually, I realized I could still write when I was sad. I will probably not be able to write a post like this, but I can always put an excellent entry in my journal and pour out my heart in it. That makes me feel better. Once I am done with this, I automatically feel like writing more. That’s when I get back to work and write an article like this.

  1. Look for inspiration

Sometimes we can’t write just because we can’t figure out what we need to write. I need to churn out so many articles on different niche-specific subjects that I feel burned out every week. How do I get over it? I give myself a break. But during this break, I don’t just chill-out. I look for ideas. I look for inspiration.

Where? It truly comes from anywhere. Sometimes it’s mopping the floor, or washing utensils, sometimes it’s watching a new episode of Suits or a new book, sometimes it’s an article written by a fellow blogger or a Youtube video; anything is capable of inspiring you if you keep yourself open to it.

  1. Write freely

Creativity feels caged when you set rules and limits. Rather, let your imagination fly like a free bird. Even when you’re writing a research-based article, don’t feel bound to it. See it through a creative lens and you’ll find the urge to write a great article. And trust me! It’ll turn out much better than otherwise.


  1. Forget about earlier criticism

I have faced massive writer’s block in my life. And when I analyzed the pattern, I found out that it was because I was too moved with the criticism I received. Someone told me I wrote about a current individual issue to get quick traffic. I couldn’t write about it for months. Someone said to me how fashion bloggers are useless, and I feel reluctant on working on fashion related posts out of that thought. Someone told me how multi-niche blogs don’t work, and I feel confused with every new topic I want to start on my blog. Do you know why all these things happen with me? Because I care too much about criticism.

Criticism is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it makes you better, and sometimes it throws you in a deep dark corner. You have to find your way out. The only way to get out is to stop caring about criticism and be your critic. Don’t allow your thoughts to be moved by someone else’s thoughts or words. Do your own thing in your way. People will call you crazy, and that’s what you need to be.

  1. Always experience new things

As a writer, you must subject yourself to one new thing every day. Maybe smile at a person you never even looked at before. Maybe take up an unusual project or go to a place you’ve never been before. It can be as small or as big as you make it be. But the difference… it’ll always have a huge positive impact on your writing career.

  1. Improve your writing skills

I have lived in the bubble for a long time. This bubble made me confined with the thoughts that I write well, and I don’t need to improve it. I never tried new things in writing. That’s when it started hitting my career. I couldn’t do new things. I just couldn’t write for I feared new things so much.

As a writer, you can always improve. To improve your writing skills, read books, read new blogs, read books about writing, try different writing styles and be a student for the rest of your life.

Guess what! I found what the topic of my blog post is. It’ll be about writing and title: How I make myself better at writing? Tell me, how do you plan to make yourself better at writing?

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  1. Write freely is probably the most important tip. When we start worrying about everything from style to grammar to plot, the words just stop coming! Write, continue writing even if it’s messy. Then revise and edit.


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