Do you read romance novels?

Two people, sharing a magical bond, just lay out their lives in front of you and make you go through a plethora of emotions and leave you with some relationship goals. While fantasy novels do the part of taking you to a whole another world, romance novels can make you feel happy to be a part of your world.

true believer by nicholas sparks book review

Moreover, yes, I realized all of these things while reading a romantic novel and that novel is True Believer by Nicholas Sparks.

How did I come across it?

Working from home is a very tough task to do. Really! You get bored and more than often you feel frustrated. To overcome such situations, I do the things I love – shop for more books and read. During one such panic attack, I ended up buying True Believer from a local bookstore (It is an Archie’s Gallery, but they keep books too).

About the book

True Believer is the story of Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell. Jeremy is a reporter who has found his niche in debating the myths and mysterious happenings around the country while Lexie is a librarian in a town named Bone Creek.

Jeremy sets onto this new task of explaining the cause of strange happenings in the city of Bone Creek. Jeremy firmly believes that there’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. However, he has no idea on what he is stepping into.

This project, unlike the other ones he has undertaken, is going to introduce him to things which he has never experienced before. This is going to change his life.

What I think about the book 

true believer by nicholas sparks

First things first, this is the second book by Nicholas Sparks that I have read (first one – The choice), and I have seen how the male characters are more convincing in his novels. Jeremy’s profession is more interesting and significant than Lexie’s. In The choice, Travis was a cool vet while I do not even remember what Holly did. Is this thought just in my head or is it really so? Why not give some more power to women in your novels, Mr. Spark?

Coming to this book – The True Believer, I was reading a romance novel after a long time, and it was such a pleasant feeling. I fought the urge to buy all the books of Nicholas in one go. (Last time I did that with one author, it did not go well).

Let’s start talking about the characters as well. While Jeremey and Lexie are obviously the main characters, I like how other characters shared the space. Reading about them is equally interesting. I wanted to stay and read what they are saying or doing.

Jeremy, obviously, is portrayed as an eligible love interest. Is that even a word? However, yes, I am amazed and happy at the way Nicholas Sparks does this with his characters. The author would never try to glorify his characters. He will never explain the sexiness of the male protagonist but while reading the book, you are bound to fall in love with them. That is so good.

Lexie’s character was delivered well, but I did not like her much as a character. I did not like her attitude towards different things. I could not rationalize some of her demands. I felt she was very stubborn and mean. Moreover, if there were some other option in the book for Jeremy, I would have preferred that person to Lexie. I didn’t like her, as a character.

The plot of the book is quite lovely. The book shares the ghost story theme, and it does justice to it. Although when I researched about the book, I found it was an anti-ghost story that acted as a spoiler for me. Don’t blame me for a spoiler. It is written on the author’s website. The author needs a good reviewer who could make a good synopsis without giving away such spoilers. Dear Mr. Sparks, this, writing helper,  suggests a wide range of professional book review writers to buy the one from and can help! If you don’t agree with my statement, watch John Green talking about the same on his Youtube Channel VlogoBrothers.

The way the events happened in the book, the way different characters popped up, the way dots were joined to unravel one mystery and the way Jeremy and Lexie connect is so good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Like it was so good that I definitely want to read more Nicholas Sparks books (once I buy them for myself).

Final Review

If you are into romance novels, pick up this book. True Believer book has a slightly different story line for it gives much attention to the ghost story part that is somewhat different from usual love stories, I guess. This is a perfect read for a restful weekend.

Grab it and once you finish reading it, do let me know what you think of this book.

My ratings: 4.5/5


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  1. Hey Manpreet, I found this post very interesting but I have one confusion and I guess you may help me ?? I wants to start reading books which maintain connection between reading and other interest… Is it possible?? Can you please suggest me some good books to read and to buy??
    I do love reading online blogs but never had any experience reading books..


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