It seems like this December didn’t start nicely, especially for the fans of undercover agent Brian O’ Conner. This blue eyed guy with blonde hair was in love with cars and it is unbelievable and sad to know that the guy died on November 30, 2013 in a car crash. He was in a red Porsche driving at high speed just like the way he loved but this time, as he was coming back from a charity event organized by his organization Reach out Worldwide which helps people at times of natural disasters, Mr. Paul Walker was accompanied by devils on his shoulder. On their way back, his car slammed into a tree and caught fire. There was no way he could get out.  He was accompanied by his friend Roger Rodas who shared an equal love of cars with him. First of all, I would like to pay salute to this friend, Roger who died trying to save his friend Paul, according to the eye witnesses. While Roger Rodas is survived by two sons, Paul Walker, the Fast and Furious Star is survived by a 15 year daughter.

Most of the people know him as the Fast and Furious undercover agent Brian O’ Conner. He has starred in all but one of the six blockbusters beginning from 2001. He was working on the next part of this movie – Fast and Furious 7 but unfortunately, we won’t see him complete this movie for he is no more and yes, I agree with all those people who posted this on Facebook – “Fast and Furious would never be same without Paul Walker”. The guy was a hero who was equally loved by men and women. Women loved him because of his good looks and his action stunts and men loved him because they saw him as an inspiration and as a character which gave strength to them. Though, I am not quite sure about men but this is what I think. The end point is – he was loved by all, not only because he was an actor but also because he cared for normal people who needed help. How happy he was coming back from the charity event but alas! His happiness didn’t last long.

Acting Career of Paul Walker

Paul Walker began his acting career when he was a toddler. His mom used to take him for auditions for acting and his first on screen appearance was in a commercial for Pampers. At the age of 2, he started modeling and in 1985, he started working for television shows. The film career of Paul Walker began in 1986 with his first movie – Monster in the Closet. In 1988, his first feature film Meet the Deedles bagged him the fame which is present till date.

In 2001, he starred in his first Fast and Furious movie opposite Vin Diesel and since then, he has continued as an integral and irreplaceable part of the Fast and Furious franchisee.

Paul Walker
source: Andre Luis via wikipedia

Personal Life

He lived in Santa Barbara, California with his dogs. He had a daughter with his one time girlfriend. His daughter was raised in Hawaii by his girlfriend, who then moved to live with Walker in 2011.  His first passion wasn’t acting, it was marine biology and he even tried to realize his passion by working with National Geographic for some time. He was also very much into social work and gave his helping hand to help people at times of natural disasters. He was too much in love with cars and had also participated in racing series. He had also been preparing for an auto show which unfortunately won’t happen with him now.


I know it would sound a bit weird but this is what I do. If I appreciate an artist, I make it sure that I look at all the work by that artist. It’s my way of remembrance and appreciation. And that’s why I prepared this list of all his movies and shows so that I can watch them and appreciate him in my own way. I don’t know if I am right or wrong but I strongly feel that this is the only way you can pay tribute to an artist – dead or alive.

Here’s the list I compiled for myself –

  1. Fast and Furious – 1,2,4,5,6
  2. Brick Mansions and Hours (scheduled to be released)
  3. Monster in the Closet (his first movie)
  4. Joy Ride, Into the Blue, Timeline (leading roles)
  5. Running Scared and Eight Blow (critically acclaimed movies)
  6. The Lazarus Product (Independent)
  7. Pawn Shop Chronicles
  8. Vehicle 19
  9. Takers
  10. Stories
  11. Flags of our Fathers
  12. Noel
  13. The Skulls
  14. Pleasantville
  15. Meet the Deedles

This is my list. Do tell me if I missed any good one from the list.


At first, everyone thought it to be a rumor; for us, the fans, these guys are meant to live forever and we often forget that they do live forever but only in our hearts and not in reality. The news of his death was soon confirmed by the L.A. Sheriff’s department who declared them dead at the scene. The car was being driven by his friend, Roger. The department says due to the severe burns on their bodies, it would take a lot of time to recognize their bodies forensically.

His death is a shock for all of us. Everyone is saddened and shocked for this was something they never expected.

“Brother I will miss you very much. I am absolutely speechless. Heaven has gained a new Angel. RIP.” – Vin Diesel, Fast and Furious co-star posted through his Twitter account

“All of us at Universal are heartbroken.” – Universal Pictures

Millions of messages like these from his fans have flooded the internet since the news broke. Talking about me, I kept waiting for I believed it would just be a rumor and as it turns it, it’s actually true. He is no more.

RIP Paul Walker

You would be alive in our hearts forever. 🙂

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