Do you like to travel? Travelling to a foreign country. What about that? For a person who has never been abroad or who is visiting a specific country for the first time, travel can be quite intimidating. But surely internet helps with all its tips and tricks. Doesn’t it?

But here’s the problem – the Indian perspective is missing! We, as Indians, need to know about several different countries but our unique questions can only be answered by an Indian – a well travelled Indian.

Transit Lounge is a book that will stay on the top of my mind to recommend to anybody who has the similar need.

What is it?

transit lounge by sunil Mishra book review

Transit Lounge is a travel memoir of an Indian techie, Sunil Mishra. While he did his job, he also got the chance to travel to several different countries. And it wasn’t as a tourist. He got to stay in those countries for a long time. He absorbed the culture and found his way around those foreign settings. He even revisited some of the countries.

With his immense experience of travelling to different countries and living there, Sunil Mishra certainly did a big favour to a lot of people by deciding to write this book.

Written in a simple and concise manner, the memoir structures all his visits to several countries. Each country is a little chapter or paragraph where he discusses everything he feels you should know – culture, how are people like, how easy is the immigration and much more.

His account definitely starts with his rants about Indian airports and he definitely talks about his share of stories with the immigration in different countries. He also shares some tips along the way.

Then he talks about what the country is like – how similar is it to India or is it the opposite? How is it like for an Indian to be in that particular foreign land? How’s the standard of living? How’s the infrastructure?

He, even, discusses the socio-economic and political setups of some countries and shares his thoughts about how it affects the life at those places. He shares his stories where he met with some Indians and interesting suggest from their lives.

He also goes to countries which are very low in terms of popularity when it comes to immigrants and tourism. How strange would it be to be in such a place?

All those questions have been answered in this book. It’s definitely a travel memoir I felt was worth my time. I got to know about so many different countries without wasting even a second. Each line was worth reading. Each line told me an interesting fact about some country. I have never been to a foreign country before and it made it even more interesting to read. Just imagining myself in those countries while having this kind of knowledge to help me was mesmerising.

I would definitely recommend Transit Lounge by Sunil Mishra to anybody who is interested in a non fiction book on travels of an Indian in foreign countries. So, what do you think you’re going to do? Pick this up?

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