I am an engineer. And when I was doing engineering, I started logging my ideas and thoughts about the course and life afterward on this blog in form of tips for engineers.

I wrote several posts about things that will help you get a job after B.Tech, what to do and what not to do after B.Tech. I didn’t have any idea that those posts would help out so many people and I would get to help so many people in clearing their thoughts about their career plans.

However, answering each of those queries especially on this post – 5 things you can do after BTech is tough. Hence, I decided to compile a list of my top tips for engineers. I hope it will help you out.

Please note that it’s only for the people who are either doing engineering, want to be engineers or are engineers looking for a job.

My Top 4 Tips For Engineers in India

tips for engineers

  1. Love what you’re doing

I know, I hated college too. After a year or so, I realized I didn’t want to do engineering at all. I was more interested in marketing and writing. That’s what I do for a living now.

However, I didn’t abandon my course there. In fact, I was improving my scores with every semester. From 73% in the first semester, I went to 84% in the third semester. All this while doing what I actually loved doing – marketing and writing.

I recently got a query from a person who asked me if he should leave his course because he has discovered his passion elsewhere. Well, if your financial means allow you to do that and you have another course to do and you are very sure about it, go ahead.

But if you’re slightly doubtful about it, just stick to your engineering course right now. Read point 2 to understand it better.

2. Differentiate between your hobby and passion

I feel it’s a bug that bites every Indian engineer. They find this thing they really like doing and then, they feel like they’re not meant to do engineering. Just because you like doing something doesn’t mean you need to pursue it as a profession.

Hobbies are meant to make you feel good and as if they’re exactly what you want to do. But having a hobby doesn’t mean you don’t need a job, earn your daily bread and have your place in the society. You need a strong means to earn money and to work on your hobby as well, because believe it or not, pursuing hobbies is an expensive habit.

Now, there may be the case when it’s really your passion. In that case, think about it with a clear mind. Are you willing to do it for the rest of your life? Would you enjoy doing it when you’re forced to do it to pay the rent for the next month? Would you enjoy the years’ long struggle to establish yourself in the field you’re passionate about? If it’s a creative field, be prepared to struggle like a dog for years and have no fruit of success for your hard work.

So, please be true to yourselves and make yourself understand the difference between hobby and passion and what it takes to actually pursue your passion.

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top tips for engineers in india

3. Stop wasting your time in college

When we’re in college, we’re inclined to while away our time watching movies, chatting with friends and going for night outs. However, it doesn’t help you in the long run in building your career. I would never say that you shouldn’t do it for I did it too (except for night outs – hostel rules are usually very strict for girls). But enjoy your time in college as much as you can.

At the same time, work hard. There’s too much time when you’re in college. If you had to attend your classes, read novels, study your curriculum every day for 2-3 hours, do a part-time job, pursue your passion, watch T.V. shows and go out with your friends every day… what would you say?  I bet most of you will say you cannot do all of this together. A big fat lie!

I did it for three years of my college life and I never slept less than eight hours a day, maybe even more than that. It can be done. All those people who complain about never having enough time for “something” are just lying to themselves. They’re fools. If you really want to do something, you’ll find time for it.

In college, find time to do as much as you can – study, enjoy, work and work on enriching your college experience.

4. Work on your soft skills and technical skills

Most of the engineering colleges in India are useless. They don’t teach you a thing. In fact, you can teach better than your teachers. You don’t get any practical experience and nobody cares. Until the placement time comes.

engineering in india

Then they’re going to push you to polish your soft skills and they’re going to tell which subjects are important and what topics you need to prepare for the interview. Don’t let yourself get into that situation.

Work hard to understand every skill you’ll need in a professional setup. Do that from day 1. Also read: How to land a job after engineering

Those are my top tips for engineers. I could’ve given you a long list but if you work on these four, you’ll never need anything else.

For this post on top tips for engineers, I have picked the most concerning points here.

  • Students misunderstanding their likes and dislikes.
  • The usual trend of considering your hobby as a passion you want as a profession
  • Students not polishing their soft skills and technical skills and then complaining about unemployment.
  • Students not utilizing their time effectively.

Don’t do these things – says a person who has tried it, and failed horribly at everything. You can change anytime- says a student who, then, went on to secure 5 offer letters from MNCs and ended up working on her passion (earning more than she was offered by those MNCs per year).

I hope my tips will help you out. Do let me know if you think they will.

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  1. I love tip #3 Stop wasting your time in college – it’s sad how many people waste so much of their valuable time during their college years.

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