Subscription boxes are a new kind of service that booming in the country. You subscribe to a monthly service that’s mostly based on a theme. The theme can be anything – lifestyle, beauty, jewelry, pets, and snacks. To be honest, there are several themes that you can find at present in the country.

So, what you do is you can subscribe to such a subscription box and they send you a compilation of products according to the theme and the service you choose. It’s great for people who love surprises and like to collect good items. You also get the compiled set of items at a great price and that’s a win-win situation for you.

So, I have personally used one subscription box service called Fab Bag (based on makeup and beauty theme) and I totally adored it. As I am getting ready to try out new subscription boxes in India, I thought why not share that list with you guys as well.

List of Top Subscription Boxes in India

subscription boxes

  1. Fab Bag – beauty box

I would definitely like to begin with Fab Bag. I have even done unboxing and reviews of some Fab Bags back in 2015 and I totally adore the idea and compilation of products they have. When you begin with them, they ask you to fill a questionnaire and that’s how they decide what you’re going to get. Not all the fab bags have same products every month for all the subscribers but the overall monthly same for Fab Bag is the same. Their collection is a mix of full-sized and travel-sized products. There are also a few testers for you from big expensive beauty brands.

Pricing: 1-month plan = Rs. 599, 3-month plan = Rs. 1599, 6-month plan = Rs. 2899, 12-month plan = Rs. 4999.

2. My Envy Box – Beauty or jewelry box

My Envy Box has two types of themes available with their subscription boxes – jewelry box and beauty box. In the former one, you can hold some designer jewelry while the latter one is a beauty subscription box.

Pricing for beauty box: 1-month plan = Rs. 850, 3-month plan = Rs. 2250, 6-month plan = Rs. 4350

Pricing for jewellery box: 1-month plan = Rs. 2450, 3-month plan = Rs. 7050, 6-month plan = Rs. 13800

3. MSM box – Beauty Box

MSM box is another subscription box service that caters the beauty and skincare lovers. However, the different thing about it is they also have a men’s box and selection of two different types of boxes. The general MSM express box comes with full sized and deluxe size samples of new and upcoming brands whereas the MSM select box comes with products from established brands.

Pricing: MSM express box = Rs. 495, MSM select box = Rs. 995, MSM Bull Dawg = Rs. 1495/-

4. Nature’s Co Beauty Box – Beauty Box

Nature’s Co is a brand that serves cruelty-free products and this subscription box service is run by the brand itself where they let you try some of their products in each monthly box. You get 5 deluxe sized and 1 full sized product in one bag and the pricing of this box is as follows:

Pricing: 1-month= Rs. 695, 3-month = Rs. 1920

5. Sugarbox – Beauty and Lifestyle Box

It’s a blend of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and gourmet full-sized products.

Pricing: 1-month= Rs. 1499, 3-month = Rs. 4197, 6-month = Rs. 7794, 12-month = Rs. 14338

indian subscription boxes

6. Being Juliet – Period Box

The box comes with period essentials along with pain comforters, gifts, and some pampering items. It’s clearly designed for women to make them feel good during their periods. There are three variants of this box which include different stuff – be jade, be jane and be Juliet.

Pricing for be Juliet: 3-month = Rs. 1650, 6-month = Rs. 3300, 12-month = Rs. 6600

7. GloxBox – Beauty Box

It’s again a beauty and skincare based subscription box. They add in some really high-end makeup products which especially entices me.

Pricing:  1-month = Rs. 799, 3-month = Rs. 2247, 6-month = Rs. 4194, 12-month = Rs. 7188

8. Box of Smile – Children Box

It’s a box specially curated to keep the children engaged in playful activities. It comes with a selection of products ranging from pencils, crayons, water bottles, bags, drawing kits, chocolates, books, toys and educational material. All of the products in the kit are full products. Like almost all other subscription boxes, there are 4 types of subscription options available and 1-month subscription starts with Rs. 800.

9. Comics box – Comics for children and adults

The box is  a compilation of comics in the English language. Every month 3-4 comics are sent in the box that may include superman, batman, spiderman, Amar Chitra Katha, Vikram betaal, champak, twinkle and other popular international comics. The price of this box begins with Rs. 700.

10. Book box – books

It consists of books for adults and children and also has options to select different languages. The books are a combination of non-fiction and fiction books and the box is available for a quarterly subscription for Rs. 1000.

11. Bling bag – Boutique jewelry

The box is a compilation of statement jewelry pieces and the 1-month subscription is for Rs. 1499/-. It contains a selection of necklaces, pendant, rings, earrings and other selected jewelry pieces.

12. Teabox – Tea

The box is specially crafted and curated for tea lovers. They send you different tastes and samples of tea that you can enjoy anytime you want. They have three different plans – tea avid plan, tea enthusiast plan and tea lover plan. The price of 1-month subscription box of tea lover plan (cheapest one) is Rs. 999.50/-

13. Woofbox – dogs

It’s a subscription box for dog lovers and each box is  sent with customizations according to your dog’s breed. They may contain eatables, toys and goodies that your pooch will love. With a selection of various subscription boxes, you get the cheapest one starting from Rs. 1500.

That’s my list of top subscription boxes in India. I am definitely researching for more and will add up more in the list. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments down below. I hope you enjoyed reading this. 🙂


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  1. I like to read books. So it would be great if you add book box subscription box link. I searched in google it lead to unavailable page. Please post the link

  2. Hi from the US!!! I recently started watching your videos which are inspiring. I enjoyed this post as I’m always looking for new things to try. Hopefully they ship outside of India.


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