Romance novels – they’re the best for stress relief.

If you’re too caught up with the busyness and craziness of what we call life, you need some romance novels to balance the equation. Although I do think, I don’t read these enough, but I pick them up from time to time.

Top 11 Romance Novels I Have Read

1. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

The top book in my list would always be the story of Travis and Gabby. The two people meet in a picturesque setting. The guy is a vet and the girl is a cute neighbour who moves next door. It’s a story about who they meet and fall in love… until a tragedy strikes.

the choice by nicholas sparks

I love this book so much… picked it up and read it all in one-sitting, not literally though. But I couldn’t put it down, unless I had to, until I finished it… with tears in my eyes and embarrassment in the back of my mind as I was reading this book in front of my mother.

She was so curious on why the college girl in me was shedding tears so crazily. Clearly, I fell in love with the book and the author. So, I read more books by Nicholas Sparks. None of them hit the mark like The Choice did but they’re still good picks.

2. True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

It’s semi-supernatural romance novel. A guy is investigating some mysterious occurrences in this small town and the girl is a librarian (if I am not wrong). I read it a few years back and I found it a good read.

true believer by nicholas sparks book review

Honestly, I think all Nicholas Sparks books work well as entertaining reads for the busy people who want to unwind on the weekend with a book.

3. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

It’s considered one of the best works of the author and it’s a rather short one. It’s about teenage love and how it breaks as the realities of life set in and what happens then.

the notebook book review

I have read this book two times and have loved it more the second time. Honestly, with the first book, I was too busy comparing it with the movie which I had watched before reading the book (yes, I plead guilty!)

And yes, there’s a movie – starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc’Adams.

It’s a good book to read.

4. See Me by Nicholas Sparks

I recently read this book – it’s a mix of thriller and romance. Basically, a light romantic thriller. There’s a girl who’s being stalked. There’s a guy who has anger issues and you’re going to have a good mental job while trying to figure out who could be the stalker!

see me book review nicholas sparks

I liked reading this book, especially because of the themes involved in the book, though I do think it was way too long for my liking and for the content of the book. But then again, that’s just something you’ll find with the Nicholas Sparks books.

He puts in a lot of effort on setting the theme and aesthetic of his novels. The descriptions of the setting and the thoughtful mind trails of the characters help you connect with the novels on a deeper level… but it also makes them long.

5. If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

Nicholas Sparks got me hooked with romance books. So, I looked for another author who’s book was made into an awesome romantic movie. It’s Cecelia Ahern’s P.S. I love you that inspired the movie P.S. I love you which I have watched over 40 times.

But I didn’t want to pick up the book as movie was too fresh in my mind, so I went for If you could see me now.

The book features a girl who needs to learn to enjoy her life and a guy who’s an imaginary friend. Imagine a love story with these characters! Honestly, the book is more of a general contemporary fiction than basic romance but still… it’s a romance novel I have read.

I didn’t like it much, though. I mean it wasn’t bad but it isn’t something I would recommend. Sorry, but there are too many good romance books out there. Why read a very average one? Right?

6. Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

It’s one of the most popular vampire romance novels out there. It features Edward – a vampire and Bella – the girl who falls in love with the vampire.

The series has four books, mainly. There are five but the main story is covered in these four books. There are movies based on this series and they do a very bad job. I think they’re the major reason why people don’t love Twilight series that much.

It’s really good, and addicting. Many people attribute their habit of reading books to this series – it makes you want to read more books, it makes you fall in love with books. Read it!

7. Fifty Shades Trilogy by E. L. James

Sometimes, Twilight also makes you want to write books. Fifty shades trilogy is an erotica romance books series that’s a reimagining of the twilight series.

fifty shades

Like Twilight, it’s equally loved and hated amongst millions of readers. I personally loved the first book in the series and liked the rest two. I am glad I read it. For somebody who has never read an erotica, I think it’s an entertaining read. Judge me now, if you want to!

8. Brida by Paulo Coelho

It’s a first philosophical romance I read… a long time back. And if you like philosophy, I would recommend you this book.

book review by brida

I ended up reading many books by the author after reading this one like – The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes, The Devil & Miss Prym, The Zahir, Veronika Decides to Die, The Spy and Adultery.

9. The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles

It’s a fantasy romance – a guy who’s from hell and a girl who falls in love with it. It’s supposed to be a series but I don’t even want to know more about it for I have no interested in reading anything related to this book – yep! It was so boring and bad.

The edge of everything book

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

10. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

When it comes to young adult romance novels, The fault in our stars is the most recommended book out there.

fault in our stars on audible

It features characters suffering through various forms of cancer and it’s a love story of two teenagers suffering through cancer. Honestly, people scared me off saying it’s too heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking and sad – yes.

But not so sad that you would cry your eyes out. For me, it was a very nice, thoughtful and heart touching romance novel. Would definitely recommend it.

11. Ezkiel Sykes: Ouija Board by L.M. Robbins

It’s another erotica romance novel – a guy from hell and a girl who’s in love with him. It’s a short and light read for a weekend. I have a full review discussing this book over here.

ouija board book

There are a few more books from this genre that I have read but honestly, I don’t even remember what I felt about them. So, they didn’t make it to this list.

I also love to read Indian romance novels, which is why here’s a list of Indian romance novels I have read. I’ll do a full post discussing these novels in detail very soon.

  1. 2 states by Chetan Bhagat
  2. Of course I love you by Durjoy Datta
  3. Promise me a million times by Keshav Aneel
  4. He fixed the match she fixed him by Shikha
  5. Everyone has a story by Savi Sharma
  6. This is not your story by Savi Sharma
  7. The boy who loved by Durjoy Datta
  8. I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh
  9. Logically stupid, that’s love by Shikha
  10. Love lasts forever by Vikrant Khanna
  11. This is not your story by Savi Sharma

That’s it for today’s post on top romance novels. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Comment below with your favourite romance novel!

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