I may not be adept at Ayurveda but living in an Indian household means that I have had a good share of lessons about the beneficial Indian healing herbs. These maybe used for medicinal purposes or to boost general immunity. I am going to tell you about a few in this post.

  1. Mint Leaves

mint leaves

It’s a herb majorly used in summer season as it keeps your body temperature cool. The mint leaves have anti-bacterial properties and also clean out your blood, can cure headaches or vomiting and also keep you away from dental problems.

The best way to consume mint leaves, according to me, is to make pudine ki chutney which is a very popular side dish in India. The modern millenials can go for virgin mojito (although, you don’t actually eat the leaves which is sad) or just use it for garnishing of food.

2. Turmeric


From all the Indian healing herbs, turmeric is the most commonly used one in the Indian cooking. It has anti-bacterial properties and it also helps to fight cancereous cells. It cures digestive and liver problems as well and boosts immunity. Turmeric should also be fed to dogs in limited quantities to keep them healthy. I feed boiled chicken to my dogs once a week and I always add a pinch of turmeric to that.

In my home, turmeric is added to almost every vegetable or pulses that are regularly cooked. But if somebody needs a good boost in immunity, they can go for turmeric milk. Women can also use it to make a face mask for good skin.

3. Chia Seeds

chia seeds

Popular in north India, they also act as a cooling agent like mint leaves. These seeds are also a good energy booster and are good for skin just like turmeric is. They also boost immunity and can help to lower down the blood pressure.

The best way to consume this is to have a tasty falooda.

4. Cinnamon


This is again widely used in the Indian cooking and it helps to detoxify the kidneys, reduce pain and enhance blood circulation.

Cinnamon is often used in preparing dishes like masala chicken etc. But you can also go for cinnamon tea which is very tasty.

5. Black Pepper

black papper

Again a common ingredient in Indian cooking and an Indian healing herb, black pepper helps to cure digestive problems. It also helps to cure sore throat, constipation and toothache.

My mother always has crushed black pepper ready to sprinkle on salads, and sometimes, even on the dishes she prepares. I personally add black pepper powder (sometimes, even a pinch to do the honours) to every dish I prepare.

6. Ginger


Indians cannot live without their ginger tea, which is very beneficial and highly consumed during the winter season. It’s good to cure sore throat and fights flu.

Ginger tea is obviously the most popular way to consume ginger. But it’s also very popular ingredient in the tadka for tadka dal.

7. Basil


Lastly, I have basil which is also considered holy in India. Basil leaves are highly beneficial if you’re suffering from cold. Tulsi chai is a favorite of many.

Apart from that, things like Kadi Patta, corainder leaves, etc are very popular in Indian kitchen. Above are the seven very popular and my favorite Indian healing herbs. Incorporate these in your daily cooking and food consumption for a better health.

Did this post help you out? Comment below. Tell me, if you have some other herb that’s a favorite of yours and has healing properties.

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