Indian daily vloggers – this is the tribe on YouTube that uploads content daily, documenting their regular life. Believe it or not daily vlogs are a thing that people love to watch, I personally love to watch.

top indian daily vloggers

It’s inspiring to see these people documenting their daily lives, sharing their struggles and thoughts and build a connection with you – so much so that you relate to them, connect to them and learn from them. I have found these daily vlogs so inspiring… and yet, it’s insanely hard to find some amazing Indian daily vloggers. Maybe, it’s the YouTube algorithm that hides these gems or it’s just that I haven’t stumbled upon my next favourite daily vlogger from India. But I do have a few that I love to follow, watch and get inspired from.

Note – Some of these may not post ‘daily’ but their niche is documenting their lives the big boss style, you can say, hence these are Indian daily vloggers in my list.

  1. Komal Vlogz

I have watched this Delhi based boss woman for a long time. She started with a lifestyle channel and started daily vlogging about 2 years ago. I like being honest with you, when I started watching her… even I laughed at some videos where she made some grammatical errors repeatedly. But that’s where it gets inspiring guys!

She, amidst so many people trolling her and not even acknowledging her effort to start a niche that was almost non-existent in India at that time, perservered. I watched her every vlog, I watched her working so hard and this is the kind of woman you want to know guys! Inspiring, determined and a real boss, totally owning how she is and what she does!

So, follow her adventures – her life, her cute dog babies and the cutest Ivan. She cooks, talks about her YouTube videos and inspires you quite often.

2. Mumbiker Nikhil

Probably, one of the most popular Indian daily vloggers, Mumbai-based Nikhil started with moto vlogging, talking about his bikes and documenting his travels. Soon, he gathered huge audience and now, even posts daily after he hit 1M subscribers.

I like to watch his videos every once in a while and I love how he treats his subscribers, the effort he puts into his content and how he documents his life.

3. UIC Vlogs

Ur Indian Consumer – a very popular YouTube channel about reviewing all types of products. After the channel got popular, Prasad – the face of the channel decided to start vlogging. He vlogs with his wife, who is so sweet and cute, and documents his experiments with food in Mumbai and a lot of other Mumbai & life stuff.

4. Mallika Vlogs

A young teenager working hard for her exams and yet, vlogging so often. That’s how I came across her channel… and it’s inspiring to see such a person be so professional and upload so frequently. The quality of her vlogs is also very appreciable. She is just really good.

5. Flying Beast

As if it was a loop, I saw Mallika talk about Flying Beast. I saw her obsessing over this pilot who owns a fitness channel and daily vlogs. Of course, fitness is beyond my reach so, I started watching his daily vlogs.

He’s so different for you see a lot of daily vloggers documenting their lives in the U.S. and U.K. and incidentally, all of them are full-time YouTubers. For a person who aspires to daily vlog but not leave her actual profession or be a full-time YouTuber, there weren’t many people I could look upto. But Flying Beast is more than enough for that regular dose of inspiration.

What I love the best –  his wife. It started from seeing her as a part of the vlogs and then really falling in love with her… I mean, I wouldn’t put it like that for it sounds inappropriate but imagine falling in love with the sidekick and not the hero… only that this woman is a total hero herself. Yep! I totally watch the vlogs for her.

There you go guys! These are the Indian daily vloggers that are always on my suggested feed, that I always watch… and that always inspire me.

Warning: Self promo

Life of Manpreet

Thanks for reading this blog. I also happen to have a profound interest into the art of daily vlogging & have a channel named life of manpreet. I started off as documenting parts of my life, and continue to do so… now in Hindi. Do subscribe to my channel if you like the content.

What are the Indian daily vloggers that you love and feel inspired from? Let me know in the comments down below!

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