Tasks of a blogger are never-ending. Any good self-made blogger has felt himself/herself going crazy over the sheer number of tasks he/she needs to do. I hope you’re still with me, because I have no better news for you than another to-do list.

how to promote your food blog? | daily blogging tasks


This to-do list is the one you need to stick in front of your desk and follow every day. Without missing a day. This to-do list can be the difference between just a blogger and a very successful blogger.

Top 5 Daily Blogging Tasks You Should Not Miss

  1. Write Everyday

Amidst the crazy number of tasks a blogger needs to do, we often forget the main thing – blogging! You became a blogger because you wanted to share your views and experiences with the world. You had something to say. Right?

why you should write daily journal

Then, why are you not saying those things? Why are you spending your time on everything but that?

People have started to question me, and even doubt, how I create so much of content. I have three youtube channels, several blogs and lots of social media accounts. Why do I even share so much?

It’s because, as bloggers, we maybe chasing the money goals but we cannot forget why we started it.

And the funny part is, blogging is the thing that’s going to help me reach those money goals. So, why am I not focusing on the actual content creation? Well, I am. What about you?

Another plus point of daily writing is it helps the ideas flow out of your mind. As you keep blogging, you’ll reach a stage where you will go through a disease called – perfectionism.

Nothing would be good enough to go live. You wouldn’t write a post because you would know, for sure, that it won’t be good enough. That’s when you will hit a plateau, and risk your blogging career.

If you put yourself in the habit of writing everyday, no matter what, your life would be much easier.

I suggest, keeping a notebook with blog post ideas and updating it daily just after you finish your post for the day.

why you should write daily

Remember, you really don’t need to prepare a full-fledged post every day. You just have to write everyday.

2. Click A Picture Everyday

A few years back, blogging was all about writing. Just write and share. And repeat.

Soon, people starting emphasising on the importance of visual breaks. And before you knew, pictures became more important.

With the onset of Instagram, the importance have grown even further and for the creatively challenged people like me, it’s the biggest challenge.

photography tips - how to shoot better videos

How do I click a good picture for my instagram and blog when I don’t know what a good picture should look like?

Begin with taking some photography courses to help you out and then, practice every day. Click a picture every day. Of anything. Maybe, of the same subject… for over 365 days. And then, see the difference it will make to your art. Try it!

3. Read/scour For Their Industry News

Just like a good writer needs to read a lot, a good blogger also needs to read a lot. Doesn’t matter what your blogging niche is. You have to read.

Challenges of working from home as a daily blogger

Follow the leading publications and bloggers in your industry. Using a tool like Feedly helps to organise your reading better. And ensure to spend at least an hour a day, just reading.

Reading about whats’s happening in the industry, what’s the new product that has just launched, what people are saying about the latest trend and what your fellow bloggers are posting. You should know it all!

I think it truly helps in the overall success of your blog. By reading more, you get more blog post ideas. You have more things to write about on your blog and you also put yourself on a path of self-learning and authority building. It’s awesome!

4. Network Everyday

Jealousy! It would be the main reason why your blog wouldn’t be successful. It’s a peculiar thing I have seen only within Indian bloggers. They resist networking and support. Why? You can all co-exist. That’s the beauty of blogging.

Daily blogging tasks : Build networking

So, go ahead and network. Support your fellow bloggers. Talk to them. Try to attend events where you can meet more bloggers. Try to put yourself out there… yes, even if you’re an introvert! It’s not that difficult to do, really.

Stop with the excuses and it will begin to happen.

5. Improve One Thing About Your Blog Everyday

Most of the bloggers treat their blog as setup-and-forget platform. Depending on the platform your blog is running on, you should try to work on your blog’s design and backend. And also on your social media.

The point is to focus on one thing every day and trying to improve it, a little bit. You can sit for five minutes and update all the plugins on your WordPress blog. Or you can add a new security plugin to save your website from being hacked.

  Jetpack WordPress plugin

Or you can just research how to start that merch shop on your blog and begin the setup.

WooCommerce ecommerce plugin

Or you can check whether the social sharing buttons on your blog are working. Or change the basic SEO settings of your blog, if they need improvement.

Keeping your social media platforms updated is also important. So, next week, you can if your instagram bio could be better, if your Facebook page is missing some details that can be easily added.

As a blogger, you’re also a part-time marketer and there’s always something a marketer can do to make their lives easier and better. So, do it. Even if you dedicated five minutes every day.

It will pay off!

There you go! These are top 5 things every blogger must do every day. I personally want to focus on these every day… and I often stay on track. When I don’t, I plan to re-read my post and get myself in line. What about you?  Comment!

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