Who doesn’t love book series? The chance to stay with your favourite characters for a longer time. The chance to stay lost in the world of one story… for as long as you can… book series are awesome. And intimidating, at times too. But when you finish one, it’s the best thing ever.

So, in this post, I decided to discuss my top 5 book series, that I have read, adored and hated.

  1. Hunger Games Trilogy – 3

It’s THE book series that got me into book series. The movie was coming out and my favourite YouTubers were talking about it. So, being a true reader, I decided to pick the book first.

I went into the Hunger Games not knowing anything about it. I didn’t know it’s a dystopian novel, set in a world where there’s a capital ruled by the rich & cruel and there are districts – suppressed and controlled. To remind the districts of their fate, there are annual games where two teenagers from each city are picked and have to fight until all of them die but one, who gets to be the winner.

I didn’t know the book was good but I finished the book one and I couldn’t stop. Immediately went and bought the next two books, read them and enjoyed them so much.

If you haven’t read this series, please read it.

top book series to read

2. Fifty Shades Trilogy – 3

Next book series everybody started talking about? An erotica series with lots of adult scenes and unacceptable to many scenes. Now, there are many books like this but the fact that Fifty Shades is one that hit the national bestseller charts and outsold many famous books and was also adapted in a movies… gets it a lot of hate and criticism. Typical of many jealous people!

The series is not for everybody. If you have a problem with the kind of book it is, don’t read it. But I read it and I refused to dislike the book just because it was out of my comfort zone. However, it was long before I picked the next two books in the series… I picked the second one and then took another year or so, to finally finish the series and I am happy I read this.

3. Percy Jackson Series – 5

Rick Riordan is the Booktube favorite. So, when I indulged into watching lots of book tube videos, I had to get influenced and pick up Percy Jackson series. A series of five books, where Percy – a demigod fights with Greek monsters and goes on different adventures.

It’s a middle grade series written for all ages. LOL That’s what it really is, believe me or not. It’s a must read!

4. Harry Potter Series – 7

If there’s one series that I never felt like not reading… not even during the longest scenes and through the thickest book… it’s Harry Potter series. I mean, if I had to live forever on just one series, I would pick Harry Potter series just because I know there will always be something new in the series even when I re-read it many times.

If you haven’t read this or don’t like it… you cannot be a part of my world. You alien!

5. Twilight Saga – 4

Originally, the book series has four books. A vampire romance books series, again hated by many for its popularity and genre. People find this young adult series too young adult, you see. But I LOVED this.

I read the first book, with movies clouding my judgement and never went to the second book, until this year. This year, I read the first book again with a clear mind and couldn’t put down the series. I read the four books back to back and I would recommend it so much.

those are the top five book series I have read. All of these make 22 books in total and these are some of the best 22 books I have read.

Tell me what book series have you read and completed. What you think about them?

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