Do you read? Blogs? Magazines? Books? What kind of books do you like to read? Reading books can have a great impact in your life. There are people who were able to overcome their personality flaw by reading self-help books. There are people who were able to escape from reality by reading fiction books. There are people who were able to rediscover the purpose of their life by reading philosophy books.

Books can bring you lots of benefits. They are a medicine to anything and everything.

That’s why I like to read books.

I like reading books so much that I even talk about books on a youtube channel I created a few years back. I talk about what I read; what I thought about those books and then sometimes, I snuggle in a corner of my dim lit room and churn out some creative pieces. A lot of them get lost in the maze-like device I use. Some of them make it on my blog.

But that’s not what this post is about. This is about the top authors I want to read. There are so many people writing books. I doubt they are being read. I remember the time when I used to dream about reading every novel written in the world. But now that I am a bit saner than before, I know it’s not possible. In my limited lifetime, I need to be picky. I need to read some good books. I need to read the authors I really want to read.

This year, I resolved to read seven of them for sure. And having read three of them already in 2016, I think I am on track. Want to know why I want to read these authors? And what are their names? Then keep reading!

  1. Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

This man writes magic. It is literally true. His books talk of witchcraft, occult, dark magic and what not! But he doesn’t weave ghostly stories to entertain readers. He writes stories to help readers discover their purpose of living. His book, Brida, teaches you a crucial concept of soul mates which can help you recognize and keep love in your life. His book, eleven minutes, teaches you how you can fall in love even when you’re not supposed to and you don’t want to. His book, Zahir, teaches you how the monotony of your life can make you lose everything in your life.

Mind you! These are just my learning from his books that I have read till now. I have also read The Alchemist but it just went off my head. I truly feel one can learn more and more by reading his books, then re-reading them, then pondering over them.

  1. Nicholas Sparks

the choice by nicholas sparks

Do you love your better half or boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you value their love for you? Do you realize how important they are to you? A lot of your actions might be hurting them again and again and you wouldn’t have any idea about it. You might on the verge of losing them and you wouldn’t have any idea about it. That’s how brittle love is.

What I feel is when you read love stories, you go through different emotions which make you realize how important love is to you, how important your partner is to you. That’s why I like to read romance books.

But not all of them are alike. Some of them are just pieces of crap. Some of them are way beyond awesome. Two books by this authors, The Choice and True Believer, are amazing according to me. Luckily, he has many more books that look equally promising, which is why he’s amongst my list of top authors  I want to read in 2016.

  1. John Green
John Green
source: Gage Skidmore
via wikipedia

He’s the author of that heart breaking story that left everyone in tears – The Fault in Our Stars. His book has always scared me off. I can’t imagine going through that depressing phase which a reader goes through while reading sad romance books.

This author is a challenge for me. Remember when I told you how books can help you in many different ways? This book, The Fault in Our Stars, can help me overcome my emotional state. This book can help me learn bear sad things in my life. That’s why I want to begin with this book by John Green and then go on reading his other books which are being loved by many.

  1. Cassandra Clare
Cassandra Clare
source: via wikipedia

Very few authors are capable of creating their own world. A completely different world with strange creatures and strange rules of nature. It’s always good to get inside the head of such authors as they can truly inspire you in multiple ways.

While there are many authors who have done this, I had to start from one. This year I chose her. Her Shadow hunters world is considered epic. I thought why not test it!

  1. Stephanie Meyer
Stephanie Meyer
source:Gage Skidmore via wikipedia

Have you ever watched a movie and wanted some more details about the lives of the characters of the story? I felt like that after I watched Twilight. Another reason was peer pressure. What would you do if everyone around you have read a book series and you haven’t?

So, I decided to get into the league and read the books by the authors that would help me accomplish two things.

  1. Marissa Meyer
Marissa Meyer
source: via wikipedia

Almost all of us grew up reading fairy tales like Snow White and cindrella. This author, through her Lunar Chronicles series, has retold all those stories with great twists and turns. But that’s not the main reason why I want to read this book.

I have been trying to get into the science fiction genre but I simply can’t do it. I read the words and I feel like a dyslexic (no offence intended) who just doesn’t understand the words. There’s something in my head which says I can’t do it. That’s why I want to do it. I want to read science fiction but obviously, I am clever enough to start it from an easier book than try and fight with the tougher ones!

  1. Rainbow Rowell

We all make opinions about people in our lives. Don’t we? That girl everyone loves around you and you complete hate! Everyone has been through those situations. No? I have always wanted to go to the root of this issue. If everyone likes her, why can’t I?

When I didn’t like the most loved books by the author, Fangirl,  I saw it as an opportunity to figure out the answer to that question lurking in my head. Hence, I am going to read more of her books… while hoping to find out the reason behind my hate for the person who everyone loves.

These are the top authors I want to read in 2016. I am sure if you reached this point, you yourself like reading books. Tell me which authors you want to read and why!

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