Blogging is awesome. You get to build an awesome community, share your thoughts and experiences and interact with people around the globe. It’s also a way to earn lots of money, which is a detail, that attracts a big amount of crowd into blogging.

But as blogging is more of a rat race these days, newbie bloggers tend to make severe mistakes and end up regretting doing it altogether. If you’re fairly new to blogging or you want to avoid making mistakes when you finally step into blogging, I have a few tips for you.

Top 6 Mistakes All Newbie Bloggers Should Avoid

Newbie bloggers tips

  1. Not Working On Community Building

If you’re into blogging just to make money and aren’t working on building a real following, your existence in the blogosphere is already threatened. There are bloggers who have gotten successful by using blogging as a get-rich-quick scheme but their success doesn’t last for long.

Only a blogger who actually builds connections and readership is able to survive in this rapidly growing and crowded sphere.

2. Not Holding Their Credibility

blogging to grow your brand

There are people who would say anything for as much as free food. Newbie bloggers agree to say anything just to strengthen their connection with the PR firm. It’s happening.

But consider how long you can go by lying this way. People aren’t stupid. You can fool them with one fake review or maybe even 50. But the moment they realize the truth about you, your career is over.

What’s better? Having a short lived career with some amount of money in it or a long career with actual credibility and money in it?

3. Not reading/studying/researching enough

To be honest, it begins with newbie bloggers stalking professional bloggers for advice. They would ask them the most basic questions, answers to which are easily available online through a simple Google search.

I mean, seeking help of professional bloggers is great as long as you’re doing your homework. Best bloggers love to help and mentor but when you ask them questions they have already covered on their blog or something as simple as how to setup a wordpress blog, they’re bound to get irritated. It shows them how much you truly respect their work (so much that you didn’t even care to read it once) and repels them away from you.

Internet is a great space to learn anything. Use the search engines, learn every day and then ask questions to people you know through your connections.

4. Not Working With Genuine Influence

There are two types of bloggers and influencers – the ones that actually earned their following and readership and the ones that paid about $5 to get fake followers and traffic.

Recently, Instagram announced that it is going to hit the accounts with such fake followers, and engagement. As a result, many ‘popular’ influencers will go out of business in days.


That’s the fate of everybody who doesn’t work on building a genuine blog and influence. Google does it all the time. All your tricks to rank yourself better go haywire once Google rolls out a new algorithm, which it does quite frequently. Only the blogs that work on providing genuine information survive. Rest go out of business.

So, for newbie bloggers, it’s important to think of the long term success and stop opting for get-rich-quick schemes.

5. Not Being Proactive

how to be consistent

To be honest, I am the example fof such a mistake. And it’s weird that I did after I was done with my newbie blogger phase.

Blogging isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s not just about writing and posting. 80% of blogging is about promoting, reaching out to new people, doing brand deals and promoting yourself everywhere. When I began, I did that very well and the results showed. With lack of time and interest, I stopped that 80% and suffered a lot with blog’s position and popularity.

You need to get into the blogging game and be ready for all of it. It’s no longer a hobby. You have to act professional and do everything consistently no matter how busy you are.

6. Not Focusing on Providing Value To Brands

As I said, blogging isn’t just about writing anymore. It’s a profession and to run it like a business, you need brand partnerships. However, most of the bloggers pave their ways to brand deals with fake readership and false promises.

Such an approach may work for a while but won’t sustain. So, it’s better for newbie bloggers to work on how they can provide value to a brand and work hard to accomplish such a thing.

I hope newbie bloggers will get some serious lessons from this post and avoid mistakes that can cost them their blogging career.

Do you have some other tip for newbie bloggers? Comment!

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