Are you a person who regularly struggles with productivity at gym? Think of it! You’re paying for the gym membership, investing in proper nutrition and still, your results are slow as a turtle. Sometimes, it feels like you’re going nowhere.

I have regularly faced this issue because of my lack of determination and bad eating habits. I have continuously struggled in making my gym workouts more productive and putting myself through a lifestyle change where I adopt working out regularly and eating good food as an essential part of my life.

But when I think of my productivity at gym, my lack of control and excessive eating disorder isn’t the culprit. It’s the things I do before and during a workout that make it ineffective.

Today, I am going to discuss some of those which I think greatly reduce one’s productivity at gym. Hopefully, you can pick up some lessons from this and make your workouts more productive.

productivity at gym

Top Things That Reduce Your Productivity At Gym

  1. Eating Right Before Workout

While a healthy snack consumed at the right time can boost your productivity level at the gym, eating right before the workout may be counter-productive, especially if you’re eating the wrong thing.

Now, don’t confuse this point with the science behind fasted workout vs fed workout. Both can be good and it will depend on your personal goals and choice. For a person like me, a fasted workout will work best while for a person who is into bodybuilding, fed workout will work better.

However, here I am talking about consuming the wrong things before your workout. Anything that’s not a plan of your ‘fed workout plan’ should not be consumed just before workout. You should especially avoid dairy. Hitting the gym with a full tummy will not only make it uncomfortable to workout but will result in lack of energy for your body will be busy in digestion of food.

2. Taking your phone to gym

How can you even leave your home without gym! Right? Well, you should do that if you want to be productive at gym.

I understand that a lot of you may use your phone for listening to music. But a minute of rest time converts into 15 minutes of wasted time and you don’t even realize that happening with you. It will take serious introspection and analysis for you to analyse that you actually waste time like this. Most of you will have already nodded their heads denying that you do that. But most of us do. That’s the curse of digitization.

Some people go even beyond that. Walking on the treadmill means talking to their loved ones on phone. If you can’t take out 1 hour of your time and focus entirely on exercising, then you shouldn’t be hitting the gym at the first place.

3. Talking to people

Oh! I can tell you so many stories about this.  From the group of oldies who hit the gym every day just to talk to people to the girls who are more into gossiping than cardio and the boys who are bromancing while lifting weights, I have seen it all and I just cringe at why people do that.

You’re compromising your focus and it can be dangerous as well. One slip of focus and you can injure yourself. You also deprive yourself from your full potential while working out. You can burn double the calories on treadmill if you would just focus on exercising instead of talking.

gymming and productivity

4. Lack of nutrition

One of the major reasons why I have struggled with weight is my eating habits. Lack of nurition or wrong kind of nutrition can drastically reduce the productivity of your workouts.

I am not even going to talk about how you jeaoperdize your weight loss/weight gain/body building goals by not watching what you eat. Here we’re just talking about your productivity at gym.

Supplements like BCAA, fat cutter, protein shake and essential multi vitamins can make or break your productivity at gym. If you haven’t been able to recover from your last muscle breakdown and you hit the gym again, you will definitely be less productive and more prone to muscular injury. There are some pre-workout supplements that also help you put in more effort in gym. You must carefully research about these and get some for yourself.

5. Lack of Focus

It has been the common theme in all the points mentioned above. If you don’t actually focus on the task in hand i.e. working out in gym, you cannot be productive. Period.

Those are the five things I have personally found and analysed that reduce ones productivity at gym. Have you indulged yourself in them? If yes, how did you stop doing that? Tell me what you think.


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  1. Great post! I’m working on my diet now as I believe it was the main key that was holding me back. No matter what anyone says, diet is the key to gym progress!


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