Are you planning to buy a house? I understand that looking for a house can be both baffling and intimidating.

It’s crucial because don’t we all dream to own a house one day? The sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when you buy your first home is incomparable.

But isn’t it scary? There are so many property options and at every nook and corner you will find stories about how somebody ended up losing their money or hating their decision due to bad property investment.

I’m not sure about you but all that bothers me a lot and I would have loved it if somebody told me some key points about top residential properties in Gurgaon.

Well, your prayers have been answered. Today, I present to you M3M Merlin, as beautiful as a property out of a fairy tale, and reasons why you must buy your first home in M3M Merlin.

buy a house in gurgaon in M3M Merlin

  1. The Singaporean enamor

M3M Merlin gets its charm from the architects of Singapore. Singapore is famous for its world-class architecture and it’s not a secret that anybody who has ever been to Singapore has been mesmerized with the beauty of the properties and architecture.

Imagine you could live in such a masterpiece while being in Gurgaon!

That’s what you get when you start looking into the story of M3M Merlin. The place is landscaped by world famous talent –  Belt Collins  from Singapore, and the construction has been done by much trusted Larsen and Toubro (Oh yes! they’re the sameones who are working on Delhi NCR metro and who make Delhites proud for their metro infrastructure).

2. Enchanting architecture

Residential properties in Gurgaon

You know what! I see a little shadow of mine in you. You must be thinking, I am familiar with the captivity of Singaporean architecture but tell me some more! What makes the architecture so special? Here you go!

M3M Merlin is spread across approximately 14 acres of land with a luscious green spread clearly visible from all residencies. The architecture ensures that you get your daily dose of Vitamin D no matter what residence you live in and all of them are very well ventilated.

Have you ever felt claustrophobic around big buildings and got scared of suffocation? It would never happen to you in a place like M3M Merlin.

3. It’s healthy

Tell me, why do people buy a house? It’s because they want to live a happy life with their family. After a tiresome day at office, they want to truly feel at home and feel good. Unfortunately, people have associated such a feeling with secluded properties like farm houses or country side bungalows. It doesn’t have to be like that if you choose the right property.

M3M Merlin prides itself in being a health paradise with plenty of workout options like cricket pitch, , squash, basketball and badminton courts. For those who like to be a bit creative with their health regimes, there’s gym, and swimming pools. In fact, there are six different types of pools in the complex to give you a true holiday-like experience.

For the lovely ladies in your family, you will have an exclusive salon that would be more than enough to pamper them and make them feel like queens.

And hey! don’t forget how important sunlight is to make you feel healthy. Being in a well-lit and well- ventilated area will truly make you healthier than you’re right now.

M3M Merlin

4. Exclusive features and world-class partners will leave you astonished

For the first time ever in the city of Gurgaon, there are mechanical car wash and laundromat services setup in the complex itself. We all needed this and aren’t we thankful that somebody actually noticed it?

I know, if you’re a traditional person, you’ll be more concerned about the actual structure of the apartment you’ll live in than the facilities.

Let me share what you can expect from that. With CP & china fittings by Kohler, hardwood doors by Sandor, hardware by Dorset Kaba, Lifts by Thyssenkrupp, and A.C. by Daikin, you can step in the building with an assured and tension free mind. All these trusted brands will be there to make you feel like a king all the time.

5. Convenient location

Properties in Gurgaon M3M Merlin

How do you define convenience? We all know that convenience is the only real thing that matters when we’re looking for a house to buy. Nothing else comes ahead of it.

Let’s see how convenient M3M Merlin can be for you.

The exact location is sector 67, Gurgaon. If you’re familiar with Gurgaon’s layout, you would know that it is already an exciting place to be at. Don’t you?

You may also have heard about the proposed metro corridor that will make it super easy to have an access to Delhi Metro and NH8.

Over 15,000 families are already residing in the area and it’s a delight if you’re a socialite. If not, you will have your beautiful Singapore-style house for company. Won’t you?

There are several high-end projects that will make your property even more valuable. Do you hear that little voice inside you that you need to hurry if you want to buy this?

In close vicinity, there are over 1,000 retail shops, offices and even a huge entertainment complex for you.

Final Word

Gurgaon is truly emerging at the peak of growing economy. It’s already the IT hub but what’s still missing is an international living experience. Come on! After all that hard work, you truly deserve that and M3M Merlin proposes to give just that. An international living experience with all the amenities and convenience one can think of. What do you think?

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