Have I even done food photography for real? Well, a little bit. I used to blog about food on my other blog – FinixPost and did a lot of food reviews, with lots of food photos. Staying in the circle of food bloggers also helped me pick a few bits and pieces in learning how to click better food photos.

Here’s what I have learned so far about food photography.


  1. Shoot in Good Lighting

If the lighting is good, there are very few chances that the photo will turn out to be bad. Now, for people who review restaurants, it’s a problem as most of the restaurants are dimly lit and won’t give you greta lighting for food photography.

What you can do is purchase a small portable led light and carry it around just for such scenarios. You can also use the torchlight of your phone but it’s not that good. Try to always take your food outside and click a picture. Natural lighting is the best!

2. Increase That Saturation

It’s a tip I certainly picked from a blogger friend and when you start noticing it, you’ll see all the photos that make you drool and go wow are actually high in saturation.

If you’re a beginner at editing photos, just play around with saturation and you’ll be good to go. Try it.

3. Try Different Angles

Don’t be that boring food photographer who always clicks photos from a certain angle. Always try for different angles and different setups. Merely an attempt to do so would make your photos come out to be so different and inspiring.

Another thing that helps in having unique photos is having a different perspective. Think of the food in front of you like a person and decide what side of the person you want to capture and then do it.

Remember food photography, like any other type of photography, is all about creativity. Be different.

4. Lenses

Lastly, the equipment you’re using to click photos will make a huge difference. You can’t capture the same kind of details with a regular camera lens as you can with with a macro lens.

Buying DSLRs and lenses is obviously a big investment and you don’t have to wait until you have that but you must keep try to upgrade your equipment with lenses good for food photography.

There you go! I think these four tips can really make a difference to how you click your food photos. At least, they did for me.

Do you have any more tips to add? Do you think these tips will help you out? Comment below!

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