Ever since I started paying attention to latest clothing trends, I have been seeing this off the shoulder cut dresses that look so amazing. But yep! Not on everyone. It’s a weird thing we women often do. We pick up any cool trend and then just wear it expecting it to make us look good. But the fashion doesn’t go this way. You need to customize the dress to make yourself look superb.

Here are some tips that can help you rock the off the shoulder cut. Why? Because there are so many off shoulder cut designs and not all of them may accentuate your physique.

Let’s talk about this kind of design where your shoulders and arms are completely bare. Now, this sort of design brings a lot of attention towards your shoulders and arms. If you have got very toned shoulders and arms, this look is for you. But if you have very broad shoulders or maybe flabby arms (like I do), this is going to make you look very weird. Your broad shoulders would look extremely broad, and all your flab will grab unwanted attention. So, note down the lesson girl!

off the shoulder cut designs

Strapless off shoulder clothes

Talk about another off the shoulder cut design which had existed much before the actual trend started picking up hype and strapless dresses would come to your mind. I cannot believe how many girls do these wrong just because they want to bring along this trend. If you’re curvy or skinny, go for it. But if you have a lot of flab around your arms, again, my answer can be predicted very easily. Can’t it be? Let’s talk about the women who have a big bust. Do you see the picture below? That slight v-curve? There’s the trick. Instead of going for a straight off shoulder strapless design, you need a v-shaped one if you have a bigger bust. It will bring all the necessary attention without making you look vulgar.

strapless off the shoulder cut clothes

Cut out shoulder dress

Girl, if you have sexy toned shoulders, this look is awesome. But let’s talk about the ones with not so perfect outer appearance. For someone like me, who is obese and has lots of flab on the arms, this look is one of the best off the shoulder cut designs. The design shows of the least problematic area from your upper body and you can always wear long sleeved tops to make your arms look a bit toned. If you have thin arms, go for frills and balloon type.

cut out shoulder dress

One Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dress is gorgeous and would look amazing on women who have sexy toned arms. I wouldn’t suggest you to go for these if you have large breasts. These may make you look very awkward.

one shoulder dressI feel you get the general idea on how to rock the off the should cut look. Didn’t you? If you’re going for off shoulder cut designs, you’re bringing a lot of attention to your bust and arms. So, you need to see if these are your problem areas and tone down accordingly. If you have a big bust, you need to skip the straight designs and rather go for V-shaped necks. If you’ve flabby arms, you need to wear long or quarter sleeves to tone down the look.

What do you think of this post? Did you like the tips I covered? Is there anything I missed? Ask me in the comments!

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