After a massive session of unpacking, I am finally settled at my home in Bathinda. Here ‘settle’ depicts the silence between the storms. While relocation is a hassle for people, for me, it has always been an opportunity to dig up old memories. You find stuff that has been forgotten since long and then you find yourself enjoying small bits and pieces from your past. It happened with me too.

But something even more amazing was watching my mother’s reaction while I was unpacking. That shocking reaction she gave when she saw my collection of spices and herbs was priceless. My response made me even happier. “You know, this is why kids like to live alone. Why do you care if I have four kinds of salt or too many spices? No one would have made me feel bad for being a foodie :(”.

Oops! Yeah I was supposed to talk about how I ended up having a coffee with Triveni Sarees. Don’t kill me for the title :P. So, this was also a story that came up while those unpacking chit-chats.

My mom was amazed to find a beautiful attractive red colored box in the otherwise messed up stuff. “What’s this?” said she. Oh! This is a saree I got for doing a creative blog post regarding Indian ethnic wear on my blog.

And that reminded me of the day I got a mysterious email calling out the bloggers from Chandigarh to check out the latest collection by Triveni Sarees. The proud owner of the brand that dealt in manufacturing and wholesale of ethnic wear for years was in town.

triveni sarees catalogue

Triveni Sarees is now focusing on retail and that’s why they thought it would be good to have a chat with bloggers who were interested in the same. So, as I read the email, I was excited but kinda nervous for I had never been on a face to face meeting while representing Finix Post.

Whatever it was, I dragged my flabby stature to the venue and was just on time (almost 😛 ). There he was, a computer graduate who used to work in U.S. until one day he decided to join the family business. But considering the status of small and medium enterprises in India, he went on to do a little more than just continuing what was being done.

As a result, Triveni Sarees is now a brand that is growing at a really fast rate. And what a customer sees i.e. the designs etc is just a small part of what is being done. There are really cool innovations that are happening at back end and I was super impressed.

While I was sipping the coffee without sugar (Things I have to do to check on my ever increasing weight 🙁 ), I decided to look at their catalogues. And there we started… talking about every design pattern, the fabric and even the price range.

triveni sarees catalogue

You would think Manpreet… seriously! You don’t even talk about ethnic wear here and how can you have such a conversation for basically you would have zero knowledge about that. I don’t want to flaunt but my basic knowledge in Indian ethnic wear is a bit more than a usual customer who goes to buy ethnic wear.

How I felt when I held those big and stunning catalogues in my hands! Each design made me wish if I could have it. There was a seriously high tech catalogue that played a wedding song when I opened it. LOL I was amazed and pleased. So, I can talk on and on about how beautiful the designs were and how I wished I could have all of them… (Things all women secretly wish for when it comes to designer clothes).

triveni sarees catalogue
The high tech catalog with music O:)

As our conversation was reaching to an end, I was taken aback because of the surprise I got. So, what happened was that when I was looking at the first catalogue, I really loved one saree and took like five minutes to explain what I loved about it – the design, fabric, the fact that it was simple yet stunning, it was subtle but bold, the fact that it was perfect for a woman in her early 20s (yes, I had wanted to say that it was perfect for me).

triveni sarees catalogue

So, when we were about to say goodbye, I saw a package floating in the air and coming towards me (It really was… just that it was guided by a human hand 😛 ). From that distance, I could guess what it was and it was like so good. Yippeee! I got that very saree for me as a gift. Isn’t that wow?

Of course, I can tell you more about the saree and Triveni Sarees collection but then, how would I make you come back to my blog? So, rest of the experience would be live when I get the saree ready and show you how it looks on me. Thanks for reading the post. Hope you enjoyed reading. 🙂

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  1. Triveni sarees are very famous. It is one of the most popular shops in India.
    It would be really a nice moment to have a coffee with such a big brand.


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