While many of you, who see me around social media channels all day long, would think that I am just free to spend all of my day on social media, some of you who work in the same field as mine would understand that social media isn’t a pastime for me.

Social Media is work and to manage it well, we require proper social media monitoring – finding out how many people followed us, what kind of content people liked, what kind of trends are there, what people are messaging us, have we replied to them or not and many more.

Remember my post on why every college student must use LinkedIn? I highlighted how LinkedIn can help you land your dream job and if you know what I do for a living, you would know that a major chunk of it comes through social media. To make that happen – social media analysis is what I require and spend most of my time on.

Luckily, there are people who are trying to cater to people like me. They’re trying to make it easier for us to work and make our work hours more productive. Thoughtbuzz is a product created by one such team and I happened to use the premium version of the product and today, I am going to share my experience with the product. Also, I am going to show you a part of what I do on social media.

What is Thoughtbuzz?

Thoughtbuzz is a social media management software that provides you social intelligence in just a few clicks. Through it, you can grow engagement on your social media accounts, identify the influencers, identify social media trends and track the competition in an efficient manner. So, instead of logging into each of your social media accounts and using different tools to analyse different kind of data, all you would require to do is sign up for Thoughtbuzz. This is what the sign up page looks like.

thoughtbuzz review
Login page of ThoughtBuzz

Signing up For Thoughtbuzz and Choosing the plan

You can sign up using Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I really love websites with such an integration option for remembering passwords for so many things is difficult. Thoughtbuzz allows you to choose from the two plans – Basic and Premium. From the screenshots, you can see that number of social media profiles isn’t the only difference between the plans. The data history time period increases as well as the support for platforms differs.

thoughtbuzz review
thoughtbuzz plan

The basic plan is free but is a bit limited for only two social media profiles. So, I got the premium plan which is like loaded with features.

thoughtbuzz review

Once you enter, you have to add different accounts you want to be analyzed. With Facebook, I added all the pages I work on and as you can see from the snapshot, I added both of my accounts on twitter. So, you can add multiple accounts with same social media platform as well.

thoughtbuzz review
Adding up different accounts on thoughtbuzz

Though the premium plan is paid but it is extremely affordable. The price might vary with the country and also you have an option to pay via credit card, debit card or paypal which is really cool for even a part time blogger or social media manager can get that. You won’t have to run behind a person who has a credit card to get your work done.

Best Feature of Thoughtbuzz: Trends

Although there are many features of Thoughtbuzz but let me start from the one which is super awesome and which became my favorite in a moment. Thoughtbuzz allows you to search for latest twitter, Instagram and Youtube trends in just a click. You can also filter the trends according to the country like I have done with my twitter and Youtube feed. But I don’t think that is possible with instagram. With instagram, you can only see global trends.

thoughtbuzz review

I believe this is the simplest way of giving you a lot of information regarding trends. Well, it is pretty understandable. Moreover, you won’t have to go to different websites for trends. Just one site and you get many more features through that.

How trends can help you with social media? 

Now, if you’re a person who is a beginner with social media, you won’t know much about the importance of trends.  In simple words, trends help you go viral. Once you discover, one particular subject or hashtag is trending, you can share using the same subject or hashtag and this will fetch you a lot of views and increased reach, therefore your content would have more chances of going viral.

thoughtbuzz review

For example, when I wrote the post on why everyone who supported my choice video is dumb?, I knew the #MyChoice was trending and as soon as I tweeted the link of my post using the hashtag, I got 3000+ visitors in a day just on that video. That’s the impact trends have on your reach.

Identify your fans and engage with them using Thoughtbuzz

Being somewhat new with instagram marketing, I decided to find out how instagram works and how I can get a good following on the social media platform. The most important thing I found out was that it is really important to interact with your audience on Instagram and truthfully speaking, this works with all social media platforms. If you make your audience feel wanted, they’re going to stay with you forever. But in order to do that, you must be able to recognize them. Thoughtbuzz greatly helps you with that by allowing you to find out your fans for each of the social media platform.

thoughtbuzz review
Identify your fans through thoughtbuzz

Get real time notifications and be more active on your social media platforms

This is something very obvious but I still want to talk about this feature of Thoughtbuzz that allows you to get real time notification. Here the thing that must be noticed is the simplicity of the platform. It is simple. Really very simple and I loved it. I don’t like to work with cluttered websites and this one isn’t like that in spite of the fact that the information that has to be displayed is itself complicated. And I think last sentence was really complicated. 😛

But how is it so simple? Because they help you filter the stuff through different options. For examples, in the picture below, you can see how I filtered the notifications by choosing my personal Facebook page‘s account. You can also choose between likes, comments, mentions etc.

thoughtbuzz review

thoughtbuzz review

Easy replies and Reshares

You can also easily reply and reshare different content through Thoughtbuzz only. Truthfully speaking, when I signed up for this, I didn’t expect this feature. This is a tool for social media analysis and a feature like this is definitely additional and wanted. Instead of using a different tool for resharing etc, I can use this one only and it would definitely have a positive effect on my productivity at work which is much required.

thoughtbuzz review

Easy Analysis

At last, the most important feature that allows an easy analysis of everything that happens with your social media. Thoughtbuzz makes simple graphs to let you know what’s happening. The graphs are really easy to understand and to the point which saves time.

Why is this important?

Let me tell you with an example. I was contacted by a PR company in Chandigarh asking me if I could work with them to provide content to my readers but my reply was -“I don’t have a network around Chandigarh.” which is definitely not the case. I just didn’t analyze my stats properly. In fact, I didn’t consider the social media stats at all which was a big blunder and which costed me a lot. Had I used Thoughtbuzz, I would have been working with the company and earning lot of bucks 😛
thoughtbuzz review

Final Thoughts on Thoughtbuzz and how you can use that efficiently?

Thoughtbuzz is definitely one of the best social media tools that I have come across and that is a must use by a social media manager for it greatly affects your productivity. You can get more done in less time and isn’t that what we all long for? Less work and more play? Thoughtbuzz has in fact combined a number of tools into one and the simplicity of the platform requires a lot of appreciation.

If you’re a beginner with social media, start with analyzing the trends and use the buzzwords and hashtags in your content. Once you get adept at it and don’t require much time getting this part done, Go on and start analysis of your audience and fans, interact with them and make a good network with them. At the same time, start analyzing where most of your fans are in real and look for work opportunities around that area.

Good luck with that! I hope this helps you out to take a wiser decision and to increase the effectiveness of your work as well as your productivity. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to write more about social media and how I earn maximum part of my income through social media.

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