Are you a fan of medical dramas? Watching the doctors doing their thing, saving lives, making mistakes, and just living their hectic lives – I never knew it could be so good until I stumbled on Grey’s Anatomy on Amazon Prime.

I started watching and kept watching… I’m on season 8 at the moment. The show is about a group of surgeons. It begins with the few surgeons including our main lead, Meredith Grey, joining Seattle Grace Hospital as an intern.

There’s so much to see in this show, except for just surgeries and saving lives. While watching Dr. House, another medical drama I loved, that was my only complaint. I missed a little bit of drama.

With a diverse cast, Grey’s Anatomy is everything you would want in a brilliant show. From the bonding of the twisted sisters to lovers cutting LVAD wires, from the guy who throws himself in front of a bus to save a life to all the doctors and nurses that are part of the show – each of those are amazing.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. Let’s talk a bit about actual storytelling. And that specific part. Which part?

So, here’s the thing. The show has a lot of episodes. And the show makers, sometimes, just break the flow with something unbelievably good.

My favorites?

Those Special Episodes On Grey’s Anatomy

  1. The documentary or vlog style episode: These arms are mine

One of the episodes was totally shot in the documentary style. You could also say it was more like a vlog. It was a nice way to look at the characters and a very fresh take to the story.

I LOVED that episode. It was totally different and felt like I was watching a new show but with my favorite characters. They just looked different. It was awesome.

2. The Musical : Song beneath the song

Okay, this is not my favourite but I have to give credit to the experimentation. Imagine you’ve millions of people watching a show for years and suddenly, you give them an entire episode where all the doctors are singing instead of talking!

What if the viewers don’t like it? What if they get weirded out?

Kudos to the creators for still going ahead and making this episode the way it was.

3. Alternate stories: If/Then

It’s my favourite. We often see fan fiction where the fans reimagine things.

What if this didn’t happen but that happened? Then, what would it be like?

The creators dedicated an entire episode to exploring that storyline. I mean, at first, I was like, WHAT?

I couldn’t believe they were doing it, for the entire episode. But they did.

They made you see how it would be like if things were actually different. And then, how things would eventually be.

The subtle message in the end – if you’re meant to be this way, you will be this way, no matter how the course of events is… it just touched a note.

I wish all show makers would take such bold decisions and experiment with such things. Yes, a fan like me may find it weird, almost unbearable, to follow the musical episode but we’ll stick. We’ll actually admire the show even more. Do it, please.

What do you think of such episodes? Have you noticed such things with your T.V. shows? Which ones? Talk about it with me.

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