Did you enjoy the winter break? I know some of you would be dying to go back to the carefree college life and some of you, the ones like me would be worrying about the things you would need to face once you step back into your hostel room.

Here are 6 things to expect when you return from that oh-so-awesome semester break you had. Here are 6 things you better be prepared for for this is written in the destiny of every hosteler.


1.  Your Room.

Lets face it. It was the last exam. It was the day before going home. You obviously went to a party. You got hammered. And you packed to leave in your hangover and didn’t quite leave the room the way you thought you would.

Expect this when you return

If you do not see this, you are good boy/girl. You didn’t party hard or party at all. Your parents are really proud of you.

2. Your annoying Roommates.

This is just what you don’t want around you when you return after a month or so of peace at home. Your servants kept the house clean. Your room was clean. Your washroom had been clean  and would be cleaned every single day. You don’t have to fight for shower time.

Well, say good-bye to all that. Welcome back boys(/girls) 😛

3.Your Mess Food.

 Oh well, didn’t think about this one did you? We have thought about our mess food every time we ate at home. Every time you thought the food wasn’t tasty enough, I bet your mind raced back to the dal-less dal and everything else you ate before you came home. Prepare your digestive systems. They are going to a war.

4. Your Homework

One month of ‘No books’. Some of us even go to the extend of-No Newspapers. We shut ourselves from the world of reading and writing for nearly a month. Now, prepare for writers cramps and excessive readings. Its time to turn on our NERD mode.

5. Wi-Fi

One month of unrestricted Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Web surfing. Let us say good bye to that amazing speed providing, non blocked internet provided by your service. Let us, at the same time, brace ourselves for another semester of Error Messages and “THIS PAGE CANNOT BE OPENED”.

6.Early Mornings.

This was the best and this is the last. One month of sleep till 10 in the morning. No one to pester you to wake up, or bluntly put, no real reason to wake. Its time again for early mornings and mostly cold water showers.

This is what we students are made for. This is what our destiny is. Let us accept it and march forward, looking forward to the next semester break or some surprise invasion by aliens. Or lets be realistic, Our government.

Let us believe in “If winter comes, can spring be far behind”.



A 19 year old, pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Branch at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune. Loves to read, perform magic, listen to music and of course write.

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