I wasn’t exactly an ideal student in college, but I did get my degree at 84% average, and my teachers loved me (while all the mean students of the class hated me for obvious reasons). I was a serious and career oriented person.

5 Things you must look for in a management college in India

And I believe whoever thinks of joining a management college in India would have similar traits of being a career oriented person, be careful about the career choices and the company he chooses for his first job. After all, it’s about what you will do after you get out of college, what kind of job you will get and what kind of social status you would enjoy because of your job. All this are important for you. Aren’t they?

Let me tell you what should be even more important than all of these! It’s the college you choose. If you’re a student looking for B-schools in India, this post can help you with what to look for in a management college in India (drafted with the assistance of my best friend who is going to pass out as an MBA in finance in a couple of months). Keep reading!

1. Learn about the curriculum

Unlike schools, different colleges follow different curriculums according to the universities they are affiliated to. And curriculum makes more difference than you think. Imagine if all you learn in college is some outdated theories and history about management! What about the present day principles? What works and what doesn’t at present?

I can tell that through my personal experience that there are universities which have never even thought of updating their curriculum according to change of trends. And as a wise person, you must never opt for courses in such universities and colleges. So, do your researches about the curriculum before you enter.

2. Where are the alumni?

Alumni of a management college can give you a lot of information on the real standard of the college. Were they happy with the curriculum? Did they get good job offers? Are they placed in reputed companies with good packages? Do they love their college? All of this is an important chunk of information to figure out the exact reputation of a college. Don’t miss it out.

3. Find out about the placement record

Maybe you have that entrepreneurial streak in you, but campus placements play a significant role in preparing you for the industry. Not only you get a good start for your career but also you get a great boost in your confidence. Therefore, find out about the companies that visit a particular college for campus placements, what’s the placement score and what do the alumni of the college say about the placement process.

4. Rankings

Talk about B-schools and rankings are the driving factors for choosing a college. But over a period, universities have formulated strategies to allure you by showing some not-so-relevant rankings and awards. That’s just a show-off! How to step over this clever trick and choose a college with REAL good rankings?

Look for multiple rankings and then choose a college that has been consistently on the top of a number of ranking lists. For example, a college named SP Jain School of Global Management (which has its Indian campus in Mumbai) is in the top 100 in the world according to Economist full-time MBA rankings (2015), in top 10 in the list of Best International one-year MBA by Forbes (2015-2016), top 100 in the world in the list of best global MBA programs by Financial Times (2011 & 2012). It has some other recognitions.

Note the consistency and some rankings and recognition this college has got. A good management college has a lot of rankings to flaunt just like this one has. In case, a college is selling itself with one ranking since years, pass and look for others!

5 Things you must look for in a management college in India

5. Global Exposure

As a management student, one thing you would need the most is exposure. Sitting in the four walls of your top class college classrooms would get you nowhere. A college that allows you exposure on the global scale through exchange programs, diverse faculty and guest lecturers and worldwide competitions can take you great heights.

Now, you have five important traits you should look for in a management college to ensure a great future ahead. I am pretty sure that these will be enough to make the right choice of college. Good luck for your college hunt!

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  1. I am also planning to do management studies next year so I am both excited and nervous. Although I have chosen my b – school in Mumbai by keeping all my requirement in mind but still going to a new place, interacting with international faculty somewhere required a homework before we go. I really like your suggestions. I’ll definitely work on that. It will make my initial journey of b school more comfortable. Global exposure and world class curriculum by international faculty was top in my list and my current choice covers all that so I am very confident about my college also. Thanks for such a helpful post. Keep posting.


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