One thing you cannot resist is aging. Day by day you get old and you lose the time to do the things you must do before you turn 30. Trust me! It would be like just a single moment and then it’s gone. You would no longer call yourself to be twenties something youth. You would feel too old to do the things that you could have easily done while you were in your twenties.

things you must do before you turn 30

There are huge numbers of blogs that have listed the things you must do before you turn 30 but there is a reason why I am writing on this topic. In my list, there are things which I want to do and I won’t mind if I get a companion who would be with me in this journey of living my life to the fullest. Also, the list is short. I think you must do these things before you plan to do anything else.

  1. Travel & Explore: I was studying history a day before and there was an explanation of why our ancestors used to travel so much. All the logical reasons were explained but they missed one most important reason. Why should you travel so much? To see what it is really like to live a life. To challenge your thoughts and perceptions. To gain an experience that would help you spend rest of your life peacefully. Travelling brings a lot of change in you. And by travel, I don’t mean visiting the most popular tourist places around the world. You need to explore the corners that no one has ever been to. That’s where you will find bliss. And twenties is the perfect time to do that.
  2. Screw up at Job: Many of my friends are now working in different companies and this advice is especially for people like those. Do you hate the way your manager treats you? Do you feel uncomfortable in your workplace? Just quit. Of course, that is easier said than done. How are you going to manage your expenses? Finding a good job is not difficult. What’s really difficult is making yourself live in a place you abhor from the core of your heart.
  3. Get rid of negativity: It is time to say good bye to all those college friends and colleagues who always fill you up with negative emotions, who make you feel bad. The world is overcrowded and you would find plenty of good people. But to make that happen, you need to say goodbye to the bad ones first.
  4. Plan for your retirement: Whenever I have expressed this thought I have got nothing but laughter. Why would you want to retire at 20? Come on! I didn’t ask you get retired. I asked you to plan for your retirement. Make sure you have a separate retirement fund that you would use up when you’re done with doing jobs in different fields. This will save you from a lot of trouble in your old age. And seriously, you need to act on this now!
  5. Work on your passions: there are high chances that you would be too afraid to pursue your passions after 30. You just lose that courage and spark at that time. But you have it now. And you can make that happen. You can pursue your passion and be successful in real terms. The choice is yours. Either you can work on your passions now or you can regret forever.

These are the five things you must do before you turn 30. Because if you don’t do it now, you won’t be able to do it ever.

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