Are you wondering what to do in the holidays after BTech? Maybe it’s the mid-semester break, and you luckily have no training to do, or maybe you’re waiting for the result of your final exams before you decide what to do in future; find an answer to the question in this post.

holidays after btech


As I always say when I suggest BTech students, I am no career or education counsellor. I was a BTech student, just like you, struggled in the first year, picked up in the second year and started getting good marks, got rejected in job interviews, got five job offers through campus placements and then completely lost my interest in the field and now I work as a Social Media Marketeer and Blogger. My advice is solely based on my experience. It might not be the best advice available!

So, what should you do in holidays after BTech?

  1. Don’t waste your time

This is the first thing to remember. After a very stressful semester, you might be tempted just to rest, and while away your time. I have done that twice, and I completely regret that time. These four years are very crucial, and you just cannot afford to miss even a day, or do things that don’t help you grow your career or personality.

2. Consider technical courses

Are you totally in love with your field? Or maybe you think you lag behind in your skills. Holidays are the best time to sharpen these technical skills. Take a technical language course, or re-take the course of your favorite technical language. Focus on building real-life projects. Spend time on making projects, as many as you can.

Oh yes! It’s annoying. But you know what there are like 100 people who land up on my site every day seeking an answer to why they’re not getting a job after BTech. And they truly would wish that they had read this post earlier and worked on their technical expertise when they had time. You’re lucky. Let’s just keep it that way.

3. Take soft skills training

English is not our native language, and hence, a lot of us aren’t good at speaking English. We stutter, we forget the words and we’re under confident. At the same time, we were never taught ‘how to speak well’ in school. Had our education system be useful and adaptive enough, a lot of passed engineers would have had jobs by now.

While we can’t fix the education system, we can indeed fix the problem in you. You should start some soft skills training. Hey! are you short of money? Don’t worry. If you have an internet connection, you can still learn speaking good English. Here’s how I learned:

  1. Read newspaper daily loudly
  2. Underline the words in the papers and look for their word meanings.
  3. Read books
  4. Watch English TV shows and movies with subtitles
  5. Have a buddy with whom you talk only in English, no matter how pathetic you sound or how many times you have to search on Google to find the right word.

4. Pursue a hobby

Consider first three points as mandatory and this point is optional, but I highly recommend you to do this along with the first three. Pursuing a hobby prevents you from snapping. A lot of people just lose their interest in engineering. I think this is something your college’s atmosphere does to you. But it can be prevented. All you need is to pursue a hobby. Maybe play guitar or start a blog. Or if nothing interests you, find a new hobby. Dancing, exercising, painting, social service – all of these should be considered as a hobby, and at least one of them should be pursued.

It will refreshen your mind & soul and make you more focused on your studies. Also, it will bring down your frustration on the education system.

5. Travel

I am not talking about a trip to Goa or something like that. Don’t be a tourist. Be a traveller. Go to an entirely different place which will give you a culture shock and live there for a month. Not in a hotel, but in a PG or shared accommodation. That will force you to interact with new people and discover new things. A lot of people land up on this blog thinking of a career which can help them travel. I think you should first try this and then think of your future.

These are the five things I believe that you should do in holidays after BTech. Remember that first one is totally relevant, second and third depends on the level you’re at – if you’re good at your technical expertise, and soft skills (be truthful to yourself) you don’t need this else you do, fourth one is again important for your personality, and the last one is a blessing. Try it!

I hope this helps you get the answer to the question. Would love to hear back from you!

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